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Worcester State University is offering non-credit marijuana industry workforce course




Worcester State University is offering non-credit marijuana industry workforce course

A non-credit certificate is now being offered by Worcester State University for those interested to become a part of the state’s newest and latest industry.

The Center for Business and Industry of the school has begun offering a non-credit marijuana industry workforce certificate course. The program includes a range of online training choices to help prepare the graduates looking for ways to enter the new industry.

The course provides the graduates training in managing a dispensary, cultivation of cannabis as well as navigating the legal challenges prevailing in the marijuana industry.

The workers in the marijuana industry are required in all segments of finance, accounting, production, operations and quality control. Hence, these credentials could be utilized for entering a new profession or as a lateral opportunity to add to their existing qualifications, said Jeremiah Riordon, Director of CBI.

The university has created the program post consulting with horticulture, gardeners, physicians, attorneys, chefs and entrepreneurs. This resulted in the development of a course framework which includes over 100 e-books, videos as well as other study materials on cultivating, extracting as well as cooking marijuana, managing a dispensary and also understanding the laws associated to it.

Gradates can obtain 9 marijuana industry credentials for a sum of $249, said the university on its official website.

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