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Woman In Limelight: International Model & Entrepreneur, Vesna Vrankovic




In the wake of graduating from the University of Western Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Vesna Vrankovic embarked on an international modeling career, working in urban cities like New York, LA, Milan, and London.  The 40 years old model, who is mum to two super-active kids, manages her entrepreneurial career like a true pro, all while flaunting her perfect beauty, aura, and health. Below, we indulged in a heart-to-heart conversation with the diva to know more about her beauty secrets, her career, and what makes her skin glistening like sunshine. 

Throughout her 20-year long modeling career to date, Vesna has worked with plenteous creative, and talented individuals, every one of whom has roused her. She has walked runway shows for some reputed designers, including Carolina Herrera, Philip Plein, Galliano, Amato, and Valentino. Working with such esteemed names, Vesna has done shoots at some unbelievably fascinating destinations like the Californian coast, New York City, and dazzling Islands like Bali. Vesna has lived in and visited a portion of the world’s most tip-top urban communities, including Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, London, Paris, Hamburg, Auckland, Vienna, and since 2008 has discovered her home in Dubai, UAE, turning into a full-fledged entrepreneur.

She is, as of now, represented by an agency in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, and Dubai. All through her broad voyages, Vesna has had the advantage of encountering a portion of the world’s most exclusive restaurants; these later end up inspiring her to launch her own organic food restaurant, ‘Tribeca Kitchen and Bar’. In 2018, Vesna Vrankovic sold her restaurant to laser-focus on her creative career. Additionally, she was the mastermind behind rebranding many hotels and their venues, including Marriot International, which changed to Hilton Worldwide in 2018.

After the birth of her child, Vesna built up an enthusiasm for healthy living and made significant changes to her lifestyle. Vesna endeavors to live a full life and firmly beliefs with regards to both food and lifestyle, balance is critical! She appreciates a glass of natural wine now and then, and she accepts, “life would be bitter without dessert!” Her passion for healthy living, zeal for life, and her creative vision prompted the idea and plan of the multi-award-winning Tribeca Kitchen and Bar and inspired her to team up with other similar brands like 02 life, Puro Beach Dubai, Masaki Restaurant and Pineapple Express.

Vrankovic is also Founding Partner in Bond Leisure (F&B Consultancy Company). The company has consulted on projects throughout the Middle East and Europe.

After turning 30, Vesna became more mindful and conscious of lifestyle choices and felt that her general wellbeing and immunity could be improved. After widely exploring organic food and a better lifestyle, she began to actualize a few changes in her day-to-day existence and accordingly saw immense enhancements in her wellbeing, energy levels, and in her appearance.

Talking about her work, she says, “I frequently work with young ladies who are half my age, and trust me, this isn’t always easy! As a model, you are constantly judged on your appearance, and I do a ton of beauty-orientated work, so keeping up healthy luminous skin is fundamental.” After much examination, Vesna explains that she sees healthy food, exercise, and clean living (most of the time) as a central factor in her improved wellbeing.

With her developing interest in by and large prosperity, Vesna was acquainted with hyperbaric oxygen treatment during her time in LA. In the wake of attempting the treatment for herself and feeling a change in her general wellbeing as well as immense upgrades in her skin and hair, Vesna became a Brand Ambassador and spokes lady of O2 Life Hyperbarics in 2016.

Vesna Vrankovic is also the Co-Founder of Our Hempco, a company known for cultivating its own organic hemp to produce high-quality CBD oil and Hemp products, including beauty and lifestyle products.

Talking about the sound lifestyle, she says, “Hemp and CBD oil are part of my regular lifestyle, like organic food and exercise; I consider it to be a comprehensive way to maintain health and age gracefully.”

Sharon was always fascinated by the workings of the human body and for her, nothing was better than being a health news journalist. By creating news pieces for the latest happenings in the world of human health, Sharon aims to create awareness among the readers to help them include better and healthy options in their daily lifestyle.

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