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Will Sports Betting in California Ever be Legalized?




There has been a serious uproar lately about whether sports betting will be legalized in California. The answer is really unknown for now. But, what is known with certainty is that there are serious discussions and debates about whether the legalization of sports betting is necessary and good for California. And, if so, how much?

A serious question has been put on the table and the answer is obviously on hold. 

As for Native American tribal lands, the local authorities have submitted signatures for verification and they claim to have enough signatures to open retail sportsbooks. It will probably be voted on in 2022.    

While any detailed guide to California sports betting would show that this sort of entertainment is not allowed in any physical location under the state’s authority, you can always go to a website of your choice and bet online.

The online gaming industry is enormous, therefore you have a variety of games and options on different sites. There are 3 main concerns when it comes to gambling online:

  1. What site to use
  2. What sports can I bet on
  3. Will I get paid my winnings

Generally, you should use a site that has a proven track record, that is licensed, regulated, reliable, and is operating legally. Therefore you will not be in fear of whether you’ll get paid when you win some cash. 

Additionally, the site must accept customers from your region. But, you can bet on almost every sport that is played professionally.

Why Bet on Sports? 

The first and most obvious reason why people gamble and bet, not only on sport but in general, is for entertainment. It’s simply a cheap and fun activity. 

Generally, most people love sports and have favorite teams that they cheer on while they play. So if you already follow sports events and are knowledgeable in general about sports why not bet on a possible winning team and potentially win some money. 

Sports betting is also fun for beginners who know nothing about sports but are willing to get a hang of it. In the beginning, it’s easy to give up because the learning period can get quite boring, frustrated, and confusing cause you’re not sure what is going on. 

Hence, to avoid all that, if you put a small wager on a game you can speed up the learning process and at the same time have fun. Therefore, you will be more interested in the match and you will learn what’s going on. 

The first time you bet, you can easily get carried away and put in a large amount of money, but because you are not educated enough you should first put in a small wager. After a while when you get into the stack and when you learn some tricks, then you can start testing your luck and investing more money. 

Lastly, a big factor in gambling is luck. So, if luck in gambling is not on your side or you simply don’t like it, at least now you understand that sport and can thoroughly enjoy watching it.

Arguments for Legalizing Sports Betting in California

Generally, no matter what restriction or law states enforce, there’s always gonna be some kind of loophole. Three main arguments for legalizing sports betting in California are:

  1. Wide availability in the rest of the world
  2. The outflow of money outside of CA
  3. Fair chances for all players

Honestly, if someone wants to gamble on sports he’s going to go on an online gambling website that accepts their region and play. Therefore giving the profit to some other country or state. 

Sports betting is widely accepted in society around the world. There are already many choices among betting games that are allowed to be played, so legalization of this particular one, at this point, can mainly contribute to the profit of California.

Finally, it is known that casinos have built-in advantages called the house edge. Therefore, in the end, they always come out as a winner. 

On the other hand, with sports betting, there is an unfair reduction in odds thereby reducing the profit of players, but it is an incomparably greater chance of winning the cash than any other game.

Arguments Against Legalizing Sports Betting in California

Although sports betting and the gambling industry as a whole is a fun activity that grows exponentially from day-to-day. It is important to understand that these things can be dangerously addictive. 

It’s true that some people have nasty habits of gambling with the amount of money with which they cannot just lose comfortably and then go about their day. 

But honestly, such kinds of humans are called addicts and they would gamble the same amount of money if not all of it, on any other game.  They need professional help and it is not the fault of the state, casinos, slot machines nor the universe.

In essence, this addiction is no different than smartphone addiction and has many of the same medical signifiers, such as exhaustion, headaches, and anxiety.

Finally, if you love or want to bet on sports and see that as a fun activity go for it but always be self-controlled and rational about the amount of money you will separate for gambling. 

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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