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While most people are facing difficulties keeping their businesses afloat, here’s how Ravi Ganatra is managing it and inspiring others to do so!




To the unconventional business person Mr. Ravi Ganatra, the sky will definitely not be his limit. This dynamic entrepreneur is among India’s most visionary entrepreneurs- Ravi Ganatra is the founder of ‘Stalwart International Private Limited’, a company that is set to feature as one of the top companies in India.

Starting the company originated from his mind due to his incredible sense of spotting gaps in the market. However, his urge to pursue his own ideas is what has made him more successful.
The growth of Stalwart has led it to gain attraction by some of the biggest firms, and it is currently on the brink of merging with a one of the India’s chemical manufacturing and Pharmaceutical equipment company that has been in operation for 40 years.

The visionary leader has set his mission on ensuring that India gains its Global status as a manufacturing country. Mr. Ganatra has the right qualifications as he possesses a degree in engineering and a post-graduate in management. The emerging best entrepreneur is a strong supporter of the Make in India campaign. Mr. Ganatra believes India’s workforce and skillset are among the best and encourages people to use them rather than importing.

The Covid 19 pandemic has ravaged the economy, but to Mr. Ganatra, it has been a blessing to the workforce. Due to the slowdown of the economy, many companies have laid down their personnel. Still, at Stalwart, Mr. Ganatra has continued to recruit the workforce and guide his company for the future. According to him, if you want to reach somewhere within a preset timeframe, you need to align each personnel’s vision with your own.
Mr. Ganatra is not only a business person but also a philanthropist. As the pandemic rages on everyone, slowing down the economy and making companies shut down, Ravi continues to serve his people by leading as an example. He has led the initiatives that address global pandemic. According to him, his kindness, as many people have termed it, is personal, and he finds it more intriguing while carrying out these initiatives. Mr. Ravi is very loving and try as much as possible to help everyone.

A successful entrepreneur must have a lovely family that supports him, and that is what Mr. Ravi has. When you dig further into his life, you will see a person who loves his family very much, has a passion for fitness, adheres to his to-do list, loves Latin art forms, just about speaks Spanish and fancies some Champagne.

So how has Mr. Ganatra helped the frontline workers battling the Covid 19 pandemic?

The frontline health workers are the crucial personnel at the forefront of fighting the Covid 19 pandemic. Mr. Ganatra has extended his kindness to help them. He has engaged in distributing of sanitizers and protective equipment to frontline workers. The frontline workers include; Health workers, police officers, municipal workers, and all the essential service providers in their line of duty.
He has stated in an interview that these people fighting the Global pandemic, Covid-19 have risked both their lives and their family lives, so it is crucial to protect them for further losses.

How has Mr. Ganatra planned his finances during this global pandemic?
The Covid 19 pandemic has affected the economy immensely that has seen some companies collapse or become dysfunctional, but to Stalwart, it has continued to work very well due to the visionary ideas of Mr. Ravi. Mr. Ravi has ensured that he uses a conservative approach to minimize the investments and expenses but ensure no salary pay cuts or layoffs. These are to ensure Stalwart’s workers can provide for their families during this challenging time, and slashing their wages will not be a good idea. Mr. Ravi does not want to imitate other companies that have lay off some of their workers or slashed their salaries. His style has been incredible and ensured that the company still runs efficiently during this pandemic.

What measures has Mr. Ravi undertaken in ensuring that the staff is not affected during this pandemic?
Mr. Ganatra has allowed most of his personnel to work from home. He, however, stated in an interview that they operate partially as permissible guidelines. This has enabled the Stalwart to stay afloat when passing through the hard times of Covid-19 Pandemic.

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