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Vicious Teknique, the “Concept King” of Miami Rap, Reinforces Social Advocacy with Each Track




Just over an hour east of Everglades National Park in the Miami suburb of Kendall, Florida, fine art is being crafted behind a mixing board and a rising artist. Using his innate lyrical prowess to transcend new levels of songwriting upon the hip-hop genre, artist Vicious Teknique is crafting songs on a regular basis that encourage social advocacy. He reinforces the idea that, “All individuals are entitled to equal respect, and that all human persons are equal in fundamental worth or moral status.”

Vicious Teknique has been writing through various artistic outlets since middle school – age 12 to be exact. The Miami rapper began his musical career through battle rap competitions in and around the city. Navigating his way through the music industry, Vicious Teknique took his decade worth of writing experience and began to channel his energy into crossing lyrical boundaries in the hip-hop genre. Dubbed the “Concept King”, Teknique is building his music around advocacy of inequities in the modern world and tackling other topics and issues few have done before.

Working entirely as an independent artist, Vicious Teknique has slowly built a brand around himself and his music in order to expand his message to a wider audience. While furthering his rapping and writing skills, Teknique has also added production and mixing to his repertoire. So, while advocating for social restructuring in his lyrics, Teknique is also producing and engineering at the highest quality possible. Not restricting himself to his musical abilities, the Miami rapper is also the CEO of Conundrum Nation, a company built upon giving rising artists a platform to help launch their careers. The rising Miami artist’s next release, Never Enough, is a single that focuses on the idea of overcoming the feeling of inadequacy and finding a greater purpose to one’s life.

To keep up with Vicious Teknique, follow him on Instagram and check out Conundrum Nation here.

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