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Turning Likes into Dollars – How Verano Management is Helping Influencers Achieve Financial Freedom Through Social Media Monetization




The current global pandemic has caused disruptions in all areas of our modern world. In the wake of huge unemployment surges and decreases in consumer spending, employees and brands alike have been forced to reevaluate their options.

More and more people are looking to support themselves without relying on a firm and brands are shifting their marketing budgets away from traditional formats towards all forms of influencer marketing.

This unique combination of factors has created an incredible opportunity for social media influencers and models to monetize their following. Unfortunately, many of these influencers don’t know how they can take advantage of this opportunity and earn thousands of dollars from home. Liam Ottley – a digital marketing expert – founded Verano Management to assist these creators in getting their share of this social media opportunity.

Devoted to helping female creators take control of their income and live a life they love, Verano is a model management and marketing agency that connects influencers with their followers in ways that get them paid.

By implementing tailored growth and monetization strategies, Verano helps its creators to scale their personal brand beyond what is possible on their own. Creating a fanbase for loyal followers who support their favorite creators financially is the primary objective of Verano’s services.

After seeing the wealth of opportunities for creators, Verano founder and CEO Liam Ottley used his knowledge of social media marketing to help women across the world become financially independent. Freeing creators from uninspiring jobs and allowing them to pursue their dreams is the fuel that keeps Verano growing.

“It kills me to see these creators struggling to make ends meet. It always seemed unfair to me that these people who devote huge amounts of their time to creating content that makes others smile were poorly compensated. Tapping into the booming online economy is a no-brainer for any influencer currently.” says Liam Ottley, CEO of Verano.

For Verano, the basis of any successful partnership is trust, something agencies and management companies are notorious for breaking. With their incredible success in helping influencers since their founding, more and more influencers are putting their trust in Verano to turn their likes into dollars.

Under the guidance of the Verano team, creators have effectively monetized their audiences and can live life on their terms, something the company is very proud of.

With their continued success in 2021, Verano looks set to continue to dominate the competitive market of talent management thanks to their relentless pursuit of monetization mastery.

To know more about Verano, feel free to visit their website.

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