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Thien Thy Huynh Le aka Asian Barbie’s vicissitude journey is an inspiration for millions




“Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks.” -Tom Petty

Wouldn’t we all agree to these words? Life is nothing but a journey full of ebb and flow. A little we all should know is to make hay while the sun shines.

Out of the ordinary is a soul whose dictionary doesn’t consider the words ‘ give up.’ She is the terrific model Thien Thy Huynh Le who is also seen in the multiple-hit music videos.

Commencing her journey from an impoverished milieu to now catching up with clouds and skies, her life wasn’t merciful on her. However, her utter commitment towards her notion of forever forging forward brought her to the pinnacle of success.

Thien Thy Huynh Le set her feet in America at the age of 11. Then she worked in a Vietnamese coffee shop. Though she liked it there yet she desired for vault of heave.

She was seen as a model in Hitta Silm’s many music videos. Her appearance in Yung Jae’s music video ‘Million’ cannot be bypassed. The model, who is also a rapper, released her first single ‘it’s lit’ a year ago. From being penurious to prosperous, uncharted to a notable and living her life to the fullest Thien Thy Huynh Le has seen it everything. It was when she built Nissan GTR Rocket Bunny version 2 Pandem and gained tremendous fame. Her autophlie story also made her a generous benefactress.

Thien Thy Huynh Le who is also known as Asian Barbie or Tina Nguyen is very prominent among her fans for her squeaky-clean beauty and jaw-dropping body counters. She did everything but never halted. Her journey provides enthusiasm to all.

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