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TheMacLyf Talks About Being The Trusted Name In Facebook Marketplace Sector




Mackenzie Thompson always aimed to reach the stars. He wanted to run his business and not work for someone else in a 9-5 shift. He faced several hardships in his life but never lost any hope. However, Mackenzie’s life completely changed when he got associated with the E-Commerce and tech industry. After a series of setbacks, the entrepreneur witnessed success with Facebook Marketplace and has never looked back.

Born and brought up in Tasmania, Mackenzie moved to Sydney at 18 to chase a career in sports science. He completed his degree in Health & Movement science. Currently, Mackenzie is in the regional NSW and will be travelling a lot when everything is open.

Talking about his work, tech entrepreneur Mackenzie Thompson runs tech automation software. The software assists people to dropship on Facebook Marketplace. Mackenzie’s clients witness an average of 5-10x ROI weekly and sales from day one. With the new Facebook shops feature, his company helps with at least 50 orders a day for some clients.

About his journey, Mackenzie states, “After I lost my job and shifted back to my mother’s house, I read a lot of books on business and e-commerce. I started my first E-commerce venture and failed repeatedly, lost money on Google ads and Facebook ads. I was upset but thankfully, I discovered Facebook Marketplace. After setting up my next venture in Facebook Marketplace, my business scaled my first store to more than $30,000 in a span of 3 months. The immense growth encouraged me to keep going on and I decided to launch another store. The new store helped me earn more than $135k. The back-to-back success help me build a niche for myself, increased my clients and kept building and building into more success.”

Today, Mackenzie Thompson is a trusted name in the Facebook Marketplace sector. How does it feel to be that one person people trust a lot with their brands? The entrepreneur shares, “It’s a good feeling. I have worked dedicatedly for the past few years to reach this stage in my career. I lost my job when I was 20, soon I will turn 26. In the last 6 years, I’ve seen many ups and downs and had thoughts of giving up my dreams. But I decided to focus on my interests more and learned everything about Facebook Marketplace. It’s not an easy field but I made myself an expert and I am glad people trust me in that sector.”

In the coming months, Mackenzie plans to expand his ventures and cater to clients from different parts of the world. He also wants to solve minor issues people face, which are not often discussed in the dropship and E-commerce world.

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