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The Journey Of Ajanta Mahapatra From Ordinary To Extraordinary




The quote, ‘DON’T EVER ACCEPT ANYONE ELSE’S PRECONCEIVED LIMITATIONS. IF THERE’S SOMETHING YOU WANT TO DO, THERE ISN’T ANY REASON YOU CAN’T DO IT by Amy Dodson is rightly accompanied by this lady, Ajanta Mahapatra. It could be rightly stated that she is an ambitious, aspiring, and strong lady. Born in the state of Orissa,India, and growing up in Assam, India she has managed to set examples for many, due to her great achievements and multi-talented personality. She is competent having big dreams, hobbies, and passions.

Ajanta Mahapatra resides in New Jersey and works in Corporate Affairs. Barring her occupation, her passion is traveling and she has rightly pointed out that, this passion has come out because she has had favorable circumstances to travel borders of India since her father worked with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). With time, her interests kept blooming and now, it is extremely proud for Indians to see her visiting places wearing a saree, a traditional dress of Indian women.

Traveling in a saree? This must be so uncomfortable! Who wears a saree while traveling? The idea of traveling in a sareemight sound like some quirky idea, but Ajanta Mahapatra has turned out into something really beautiful. She has broken all the stereotypes, perceptions, and myths about a saree.  This beautiful attire is her identity. While on some random streets, she grabs the attraction of many. Some fellow travelers and natives come to greet her by saying ‘Namaste ‘and ‘Hello India’. The story of this saree goes back to 2017 when one of her friends suggested her of this attire. Since that time, she has been quenching her traveling thirst in this attire. Initially, she faced challenges, but gradually it just turned out to be her identity! She has even gone hiking and trekking comfortably wearing a saree, making this sight look like an enthralling one, for fellow tourists.

Ajanta Mahapatra has got a massive fan following on social media. With her beautiful attire, she has managed to give wings to several women out there. She is also praised by various saree brands. She has also seized the opportunity of promoting various saree brands and Indian attire. These travels took her back to the time when she hated wearing a saree, as a kid. But now she believes that the decision of wearing a saree was truly worth giving a shot.

Ajanta Mahapatra motivates the youth and especially the women to go beyond their boundaries, discover, learn, and set examples to the world. She strives to travel to more beautiful places and discover the world. She is a symbol stating how a woman can manage and do unconventional things while earning money, and also invest in her passion. She has overcome all of her jitters, impediments, and flaws. Whether she is al Goa within the beaches, or she is at Amazon, within the forests, she is always seen with her saree draped well. Life is simply about overcoming your hurdles and moving on with a strong and healthy mindset and rightly it could be said thatAjanta Mahapatra has reinforced exactly this. And this is what sets her extraordinary.

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