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The insurgent company, Allo Allo, is making its stride and turning around the existing marketing game.




You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change-something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

The e-commerce industry has gone through a surge change and dramatically affected many industries. One such e-commerce platform that when started out exclusively dealt with selling refurbished gadgets but now is one of the leading-manufacturers of refurbished IPhones in the world is the eminent and notorious Allo Allo company. This acclaimed venture was founded in 2013, in the small town of Shenzhen, Guangdong. Keeping in mind the prospering industry of electronics and the constant change of dynamics and trends , Allo Allo offers a wide array of renowned and upcoming products. The staggering deals and exceptional quality is what makes this company stand out and flourish in the market. Allo Allo is a direct-to-consumer online brand owned by the multinational Icon Globe Trade Co., Ltd. Headquartered in the enchanting city of Hong Kong. The growing business and recognition in such a short span, prompted diversification of the company. Allo Allo tapped into several niches and finally made its exemplary mark in the manufacturing domain.

Icon Group to further expand their reach in the market, launched their very own robust and conducive website: The site catered to the growing demand of gadgets at an affordable price. Initially focused on the US and the European market, the infamous Allo Allo now currently operates in more than 70 countries. The website also offers a prominent affiliate marketing program where partners are-rewarded for sending visitors to the site with a commission on sales.

The tenacious startup exclusively sells premium quality electronics from renowned brands like Apple and Samsung. Allo Allo hit another milestone when it was deemed as the first global retailer of refurbished IPhones in the world. 

The philanthropic and benevolent demeanour and gestures of Allo Allo has generously helped the environment and to this date the company is fighting against the insane programmes obsolescence. It also recently collaborated with the striving company, Treedom which allows their customers to buy and plant trees that aids in reforesting the planet.


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