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The Fashion Industry Post Covid With Urban Silks




The emergence of the novel coronavirus came without notice. It has since brought down every sector of the economy. It has affected the economy and has devastated human life, leaving millions dead and others battling for life globally. 

Every industry has been on the run to stand this storm. Urban Silks is one of those businesses that were faced with these immense problems. India was hard hit by the pandemic, which resulted in lockdowns, shutting down manufacturing in certain parts of India. It affected them tremendously since most of their products come from India. This move limited how much they could bring from there. Getting products via Air Cargo has also been very expensive since only a few flights were flying out from India. Additionally, shipping prices were heavily cutting into their profits. 

About Urban Silks

You may be wondering what Urban Silks is. Well, Urban Silks is a South Asian ethnic clothing retailer based out of Toronto, Canada. Their fashion ranges from North Indian to South Indian styles. Here you can buy trendy sarees, designer salwar, dazzling lengha’s, beautiful Kurtis and ethnic men’s wear. 

Most of their clients are of Indian, Srilankan and Bangladesh origins. Though the covid 19 affected their brick and mortar retail businesses, they have expanded online and launched Their goal is to provide ethnic desi fashion at affordable prices. They are taking the fast-fashion approach similar to Zara, Shein, Fashionnova and bringing it to the South Asian fashion scene in North America.

The Future Of Fashion Is Digital

Global e-Commerce jumped to 26.7 trillion dollars fuelled by the pandemic. With most business doors remaining closed and the WHO protocols in effect, many chose to work from home. Many businesses also went online. 

Urban Silks have been operating online and has seen tremendous success. They have leveraged their Facebook marketing to keep afloat with the trends in the market. Through their Facebook page that they boast over 13,000 followers, they have served their customers effectively. They take photos of what they have and then post them on Facebook and Instagram. Customers can then see prompting to look for the products. 

However, Urban Silks have more incredible plans. They intend to expand to a bigger space like a warehouse to fulfill orders more thoroughly while also having a bigger retail space. 

What Next After Covid?

The world has entered a new normal. Fashion businesses should therefore learn to cope up with this new way of life. And guess what? Social media is going to be central. It is going to be an enormous help in knowing and recognizing what fashion the customers are following. It is also going to aid in constant communication with their customers. 

Wrapping Up

If you are in the fashion industry and wish to remain relevant and achieve sustainability, consider going digital with your business. Customers are now online on social media, and you can reach them easily. Online is the future of all fashion businesses. 


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