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Talent Resources Founder Mike Heller Is Bringing Authenticity And Sincerity Back To Marketing




The rise of a new influencer is a dime a dozen thanks to social media platforms like TikTok
and Instagram. This is great news for brands looking to snatch a deal on a rising star before becoming too famous, therefore selective of endorsements and sponsorships. However, this can backfire in the long-run, because ‘cancel culture’ is shedding light on past mistakes of those in the spotlight. Now, awareness and research are necessary from everyone involved in a promotion plan.

Talent Resources Founder and CEO Mike Heller recognized these issues long ago while working in entertainment law and talent management. After years of watching PR crises, Heller had a revelation on the gap in the market. In 2007, he constructed a team of experts and contacted his vast brand and celebrity relationships to create Talent Resources-
a global strategic marketing firm.

Talent Resources is for both talent and brands to utilize. Talent, or their agents, can submit themselves for a brand’s marketing idea. The talent is then vetted by Talent Resources to correspond with the brand’s requirements. The final list is presented back to the brand, and they make the final decision for who will best represent their product. Talent Resources is the bridge between brands and Hollywood to produce the most authentic results and eliminate backlash.

“These days, consumers can see through inauthentic celebrity endorsements, and this is
problematic for a brand’s sales,” Heller said. “Talent Resources offers a unique way of pairing the right brand with the right influencer that fits within the budget. We also act as an extension to anyone’s marketing team because of the 360-degree approach that has made us experts in strategy and even rebranding.”

Heller and his team have been extremely successful in curating the most efficient and genuine marketing strategies. Talent Resources work circulates on social media daily, especially with digital dominating the marketing industry.

More recently, there has been a huge focus on influencer and brand activism. The pressure to use platforms for the greater good is stronger than ever. Again, cancel culture strikes at brands or influencers who choose to remain silent on humanitarian, environmental, and political issues. Talent Resources helps both parties construct truthful and sincere responses to address the matters. Whether it’s a new campaign highlighting the need for unity or a social media post regarding portions of sales donated towards organizations and charities, Talent Resources carefully helps its clients make an impact.

Presently, everyone is more cognizant of what content is publicly posted. Every inch of
the marketing plan needs to be carefully reviewed from diverse perspectives to ensure more positive responses and less controversy. Talent Resources helps every step of the way to increase authentic engagement for better results.

Virginia has been a Journalist for 6 years. After working with leading newspapers, she decided to write for various online news platforms so that more and more people could read her pieces. She has been with California Herald for over a year now and claims we are her favorite website.

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