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Strong mind is the basic criteria for succeeding, says Young entrepreneur Edu Pruni




Edu Pruni is 24 years of age but has wisdom of sage. He has always wanted to prove the people wrong who think that being a social media influencer means doing nothing else. This man has put all his skills at work and is currently, an influencer, a model, entrepreneur, and hotelier.

Edu believes people who have the right skills should work on them and succeed in all the worlds they dream of. He is an influencer with half a million followers on Instagram. A restaurant chain named Art & Sushi belongs to him. And he has been eyeing and working at making more successful businesses.

The young entrepreneur believes that success does not have only a single ingredient. Edu Pruni has a great network due to his modeling and influencer profile which he has utilized to gain success in the business. He tells new entrepreneurs that they should cultivate a dominant mentality. The success path is going to be difficult but when one is prepared they can take all the blows and still succeed.

Strong mind is the basic criteria for succeeding. A strong mind will learn from mistakes and grow with the learning and experience. The mistake should not be repeated. But one needs to understand from the mistake what strategy will and will not work.

Mistakes aren’t the be all, end all of any business, they are part of building a business. So everyone needs to face it with determination. All you need is a powerful mind, says Edu Pruni before signing off.

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