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Stock Sharks Helps New Investors Get into the Groove of Things




Beginning one’s investment journey can be daunting and downright scary. What if they made a mistake that costs them tens of thousands of dollars? That can be a terrifying prospect for someone who’s just learning to invest. Luckily, there is an educational technology platform out there that offers unparalleled support. Stock Sharks, founded by Sheraz Ali and Jr. Alexander, is a platform that combines education, 24/7 support, a thriving community, and exclusive research for anyone who wants to get involved with stock investment.

The company was founded three years ago, and the co-founders have barely needed to put any money into marketing and advertising. The Stock Sharks service is so valuable that it practically sells itself. “We’ve had massive success in the United States as well as the Middle East,” comments Ali.

Stock Sharks is truly unique in the way that it treats its clients. “We do provide 24/7 support for our community members. You can even pick up the phone and call Alexander or me on FaceTime if you had a question or needed advice. This is what makes us different, in my opinion. Nobody else out there provides this level of engagement, and this is because we highly value and invest into our community. We want to see everyone succeed. That’s what it’s all about,” shares Ali. The Stock Sharks community is vibrant and brings in new members continuously through referrals, which is why the platform is growing exponentially.

Stock Sharks has two products: Premium and Synergy. The Premium is ideal for single investors who are looking to get started or expand their existing knowledge. Synergy, on the other hand, is for hedge funds, private equity, or those managing a minimum of $50 million.

Stock Sharks is currently growing at a 65 percent rate annually thanks to new investors who flock to the platform. The company’s base is international, where investors from all over the world gather in the community to exchange perspectives, experience, and tips. Stock Sharks is proud to have its headquarters in Canada while serving this worldwide audience.

This year has brought innovation to Stock Sharks. The company built an interface where its members can chat. This comes as an effort to innovate, which is an ongoing project for the team. Stock Sharks is excited to explore artificial intelligence and algorithms more, which is a surefire way to stay competitive and innovate better. Its new edtech software is set to be fully functioning in just a year from now, and it will undoubtedly involve the use of AI.

“We are very excited about the new software. It will provide some key benefits for financial investment, and not only that, but it will be applicable to other industries as well,” shares JR. The team currently numbers eight employees and is poised for massive growth. “We plan to be the number one research source in the world,” Ali declares proudly.

For more expert tips, updates, and news on developments, follow Stock Sharks on social media.

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