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Soldier Steven Kelly Teaches Bushcraft & Survival Skills To The World After Training The British Army For 18 Years




Today we talk of an art form that defined humanity’s existence and formed the basis for survival for our ancestors. We are talking of the nearly extinct survival and Bushcraft Skills!

Survival and Bushcraft Skills were once a necessity for living and slowly vanished as humanity developed its living standards. One of the most crucial parts of Bushcraft and Survival Skills was the life learnings that got instilled in learners and motivation to live life heads on.

I am sure that most of the people you know do not know how to light a fire with just a flint or build a shelter or raft, catching, killing, or preparing Tea with Fire you made and lit!

Steven Kelly is a full-time soldier who is living his dream of teaching these skills to people while helping them benefit with these in their life.

Something about Steven Kelly

Before we talk more about Bushcraft and Survival Skills, let’s know a bit about Steven Kelly and how his venture is helping people reunite with the skills of their forefathers and explore more about life.

Steven Kelly is a full-time soldier serving in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery and the head instructor and founder of Southwest Survival. He has trained and instructed weapons, survival, and bushcraft skills in the British army for 18 years, working in Afghanistan, Norway, Sierra Leone, and numerous other countries.

Steven started his love of all things outdoors when he was a cadet, and the army was the natural progression from there.

He started South West Survival to pass on his skills and to keep Bushcraft alive.

Steven has been part of various survival courses in the army, along with teaching hundreds of people and soldiers the same skills. He believes learning is a never-ending process, and he continues to explore nature while learning essential skills which he passes on to his students.

Steven has a lot of hobbies which include hill walking, camping, and ultramarathon running.

Why are these skills important/relevant in the modern world?

The world has been changing at the speed of light, but the one thing that does not change with time is how humans feel and behave. Humans’ emotional traits, including motivation, toughness, leadership skills, and others, are developed with specific activities.

Activities like the ones done in Survival Skills sessions bring out the real you and help you encounter problems closely. You get to experience a new version of yourself and identify areas to improve yourself!

These activities and skills were responsible for bringing out the best in people in the preceding centuries. These challenging skills have built out the life-changing abilities in people that resulted in the inventions that we enjoy these days.

As per Steven, South West Survival offers realistic courses that help to adapt and overcome what nature has to offer. It is not about surviving but actually thriving in these situations, which builds up a new level of confidence in people.

The dying artform of Bushcraft skills is something that you carry in your mind and muscles and something that no one can steal from you.

Why Steven Kelly?

One of the biggest things to consider while learning these skills is who you are learning these from.

The reason Steven has been able to build South West Survival from a small start to a venture affecting thousands of lives is the way he instills education to his students.

He not just teaches the essential skills but makes sure to transfer his 18 years of experience in the army. He shares real-life incidents and also how the experiences he had have helped people conquer their challenges in life.

He has made efforts to help people use the Bushcraft learnings and apply these into their day to day life and improve their mental and physical well being.

Who is this for?

Steven has recreated the learning experience into activities and sessions aimed at teaching everyone, starting from children to corporates.

Some of the interesting ones are:

Survival and BushCraft for Children

South West Survival offers a fun-filled power day for children where they learn BushCraft skills with fun activities. The day covers everything from navigation, Camouflage, Concealment, making a shelter, eating giant insects, and much more!

The Navigator Course

This course is taught at Dartmoor and is designed with care to teach you advanced navigations skills used by soldiers in the army.

Starting from planning a route, map scale, symbols, the orientation of a map to lost and team drills, you will learn a lot in one day. It is run by military and ex-military land Navigation SMEs giving you hands-on experience.

Corporate Survival Training

The corporate survival Training Courses are a favorite among companies looking to build teamwork skills in their employees.

The course is full of engaging activities designed to promote and teach the benefits of teamwork, directly increasing efficiency. It directly teaches them ways to learn the art of meeting goals and competing in challenging scenarios with the power of communication and teamwork!

You can connect with Steven Kelly on his Instagram & Twitter

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