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Serial Entrepreneur Yasha Golin shares his story



A philanthropist and a successful e-Commerce drop shipper, Yasha Golin, aka Jacob, is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in New York City and The World. The young entrepreneur is already generating multiple 6-figures a year. It has not always been the case though. Yasha had to go through a number of businesses before he hit success with his e-commerce business.

Belonging to a family of immigrants who work on 9 to 5 jobs, Yasha didn’t want to pursue the same thing. He wanted more from his life so after devoting himself to academics he made a major shift towards his real passion- the online business. Yasha gave endless hours to studies and topped his class all the time but never felt fulfilled till he made a change.

Yasha Golin took up the challenges heads on and created a brand from ground zero. He says it is the best decision of his life. Nothing ever goes as planned, the young man says but the key is to keep putting in the best effort to everything you do regardless of the result. It is always the reaction and one’s ability to optimize that bring on profound results one day.

More than the money, the opportunity to live his dream each day is success for the entrepreneur. He sees fear as a challenge to overcome a new obstacle which is part of any business and will always be.

Every obstacle should be seen as an opportunity to continue to improve and grow. It’s one’s attitude and state of mind that determines success in the business. This year Yasha Golin plans to mentor other entrepreneurs and keep taking his E commerce brands to newer heights.

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