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San Diego’s renowned trainer Ray Wetterlund III urges everyone to focus more on fitness and less on aesthetics




Having a fit body is the most common goal everyone has. After all, fitness has become a lifestyle and an important part of everyday routine for many people. It is easy to talk about fitness goals, but sticking to those goals is a big challenge. Being stubborn, body soreness, and losing motivation when not getting results after a workout are some of the reasons why people don’t maintain consistency in workouts. However, San Diego has got Ray Wetterlund III who is a celebrity fitness trainer and is bringing a positive impact on people’s lives.

The celebrated fitness trainer has done an advanced course of fitness and holds a degree in Kinesiology. His in-depth knowledge about fitness is because he is a licensed and certified personal trainer, strength, and conditioning coach (CSCS) and a sports nutritionist. Ray has always focused more on fitness and less on aesthetics. He says, “Always strive to improve your performance, strength, flexibility and speed. Checking your weight daily or looking at yourself in the mirror won’t give you results. Divert your attention from aesthetic results and focus more on improving your forms and techniques of exercise.”

Many of the fitness enthusiasts have been focusing on the output rather than their efforts. In simple words, the fitness expert says that one should trust the process and not just think about the results. “I believe fitness is all about the exercises you do every day. It’s not about how much weight you can lift once but it’s about the consistency that you can maintain on a day-to-day basis. It’s all about the habits and the small positive changes you make every day to see the big changes over time”, added Ray.

With a disciplined workout regime, the fitness trainer also emphasises on a disciplined diet. According to him, it’s all about eating the right food at the right time. On various occasions, Ray has advised staying away from sugar and other oily and junk food products. Making a significant contribution to fitness in San Diego, Ray Wetterlund III was earlier awarded for his 1000+ calorie-burning RW3 Boot Camp. His work ethic and style of training have wooed many and the fitness expert has built a strong fanbase of more than 20 million on social media.

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