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Rising Musician: Varun Datta’s Transition to Music




Varun Datta is a well-off entrepreneur who is best known for founding BetNeo, one of the largest online casinos. Apart from this success, Varun Datta has always had the hunger to continue to create and build new business ventures. His current and most recent one is the launch of his DJ career, propelling him straight into the music industry.

The new DJ first embarked on his music endeavor back in November of this year with his release “New Days.” His title was meant to signify a start of a new journey, and that’s exactly what it ended up conveying. Varun Datta didn’t tell anyone he would release music, so this came as a shock for everyone who knew him. Surprisingly, the new DJ’s music was at a high tier quality, which made it well received.

Making the transition from business to music seems to be a problematic turn, but Varun Datta has made it look easy. So far, releasing three singles now, he proves that he is just as consistent as he is talented.

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