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Real Estate Expert Gary Nash Rounds Up 2021 Industry Trends




This year, home values soared, buyer demand jumped, and mortgage rates hit historic lows.

Even so, housing remained one of the few bright spots during an otherwise difficult time. And with real estate trends always in flux, taking a closer look at the market with the help of an expert guiding you through the different facets of this fickle industry might be worth the time and effort.

Listed as one of the top contractors in the U.S by Remodeling Magazine, Gary Nash walks us through the prevailing trends in real estate as we enter the fourth quarter. Currently at the helm of 50 employees, his company earns over eight million in gross revenue annually. And with over forty years of experience in fixing, flipping, and investing in properties, he continues to fill his portfolio with new projects, consistently demonstrating his proven track record in real estate and design-build construction. If there was ever any doubt, his collection of thirty-five Contractor of the Year awards can speak for themselves.

He is also the founder of Genius Investing Academy, a leading course in high-profit real estate investment strategies. As he mentors future investors, he makes it his goal to discuss and answer key questions across the following categories: pricing, housing affordability, interest rates, inventory, housing market cycles, and crashes. These topics are crucial to understanding the current trends and having the necessary insight  to pick up on good deals.

“While there aren’t many homes currently available in the real estate market, there are a lot of new homes on the way. Buyers interested in investing now just need to exercise a little patience and pay attention to real estate trends that are shaping the market,” explains Nash.

The guidance that Genius Investing Academy can provide as potential home buyers navigate this fickle market is invaluable. And with an expert like Nash paving the way towards sensible investment, this program truly solidifies its value as a good foundation for developing effective buying strategies, no matter the market’s current situation.

“Genius Investing Academy has not only changed every aspect of my career in the real estate market but also my life. As I began the class, I immediately realized that what I was previously told about real estate investing was completely wrong. Mr. Nash taught me to analyze deals the right way so I could see the most profitable exit strategy. At Genius Investing Academy, I learned how to add value to properties by just looking at them differently and conveying that vision for more profit”, attests one of his students.

Follow his social media to stay up to date, or sign up for his Genius Investing Academy to make sure you can make sound real estate investments.


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