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Quebec backs away from its plan of banning cannabis smoking in public spaces




Quebec backs away from its plan of banning cannabis smoking in public spaces

The government of Quebec is withdrawing its previous plan of banning cannabis users from smoking in public areas, a new report suggests.

Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault had originally promised to make restrictions regarding sale and consumption of cannabis stringent, including these proposed modifications in his election platform. However, the province is now planning to make amendments to Bill 2 saying that banning public consumption of cannabis would not be enforceable.

The junior health minister of Quebec, Lionel Carmant has altered the bill in order to provide more scope to the municipalities to adopt and enforce their rules.

Carmant refused to comment anything on the matter, saying that further information would be shared during the upcoming debate of legislation.

Furthermore, the Quebec union of municipalities also opposed the ban of cannabis use in public. The union’s president, Alexandre Cusson, asked the government to provide greater authority to the municipalities to control cannabis use in public areas present in their territory. In fact, Valerie Plante, Montreal Mayor was also among those who were against the Quebec government’s plan of restricting the use of cannabis in public.

Last February, Plante told a parliament committee that the ban on cannabis in the original bill pose major difficulties for Montreal.

Plante congratulated the province on Tuesday for amending the bill.

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