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Propelling brands for the digital age is Ernesto Gaita, a dynamic digital entrepreneur with his creative marketing agency from Canada.




His agency, ‘Neighbourhood Creative’, is changing the dynamics of the creative and marketing industries, helping scale brands and people at much higher levels.

What could be said about the digital era and the revolutions taking place around us? What is that thing that is really keeping up with the changing trends of the digital world? Well, many questions can arise all at once when we start speaking about the world of digital marketing and the online world. It is something which has shown the most growth in the recent past and has also inspired many youngsters to be a part of the game. Many youngsters have taken a step forward into the digital world and have shown their skills and talents to take the industry ahead on a global level. One such young and astute business personality from Canada is Ernesto Gaita. He, with his steadfast determination and will to do something bigger and better in life, carved a unique niche for himself as an entrepreneur in the creative marketing industry.

Born in 1993, Gaita always had some sort of a special connection with the online world and was always intrigued to know more about it. Not having an education background in marketing, he still became a part of the same as he grew up with his curiosity and the interest he developed towards the same. However, Gaita too faced his share of struggles to get where he is today. Since he came from a promoting background, clients hardly trusted him as he always believed in doing things differently and far from industry standards. But, his persistence and hard work showed results and today he is the owner of “Neighbourhood Creative”, a robust creative marketing agency that has changed the face of all their clients and made them taste success like never before.

Neighbourhood Creative is a full creative agency that is much ahead in the vast industry offering services like content creation, social media management, website development, PR, influencer marketing, events, branding and design and the list goes on. Gaita proudly calls his team as a bunch of focused people who believe in connecting people. They have put more focus on improving upon relationships with their clients and giving them an experience for a lifetime to remember by treating their clients as their own.

With their promise to work with each of their clients differently, Gaita as a young business personality also focuses on building his team as he believes that the right kind of people will help to bring about the right kind of success. Lastly, Gaita mentions that he believes in the quote “Invest in people, as they are the pillar to growth.”

His brand has also had a broad portfolio, which includes The Moustache Project, Real Talk and Brand without Border. Check out their website to know more about these projects and other services, or follow Gaita on Instagram to get more updates –

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