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Professional basketball player, Marcus Patterson shares 5 golden tips to master mental strength




Fame and fortune don’t make you immune to depression or other health problems. Though rarely talked about in the world of sports, professional athletes are now sharing and helping people suffering from mental illness, shining a light on a prevalent and important health issue in sports and beyond. Asking for help with anything can be difficult, the good news is that help is available.

Marcus Patterson, is one such athlete, who not only made wonders in his professional career as an athele but also with his generosity and willingness to help people suffering from mental health. Society admires collegiate athletes with an often overly glamorized perception characterized by misconceptions of a free ride. We often neglect to acknowledge the prevalence of mental illness that accompanies this demanding lifestyle. The nature of an athlete is to withhold displays of weakness, while facing stressors that accompany performing at a high level internationally.

Marcus believes that mental illness is a hidden epidemic, that simple phrase speaks volumes. Since there may be no tangible proof of setback to accompany a mental illness, it is often overlooked, dismissed, and hidden. This requires a demand for mental health resources to put in immediate attention towards the one undergoing the illness. Every day, an athlete takes care of his/her body to excel, and so every day an athlete should take care of their mental health to the same extent.

Patterson not only wants to quantify productivity of a physical therapist through the number of physical training, but to quantify productivity of a mental health professional too. Whether one is a professional athlete or someone with an ability of shooting a paper ball into the trashcan, it is okay to enter into a mental health treatment program.

Here are 5 golden tips put forth by Marcus Patterson to ace the art of developing mental strength :-

1. Focus.
Keep your attention on the long-term outcomes to stay steady in the face of real or potential obstacles. Complications, unintended side effects, and complete failures are all part of landscape. Mitigate the damage, learn the lessons that will help you in the future, and move on.

2. Self-validation.
Don’t worry about pleasing others. That’s a hit-or-miss proposition for anyone but the worst sort of waffler. Instead, make a concentrated effort to do what is right and to know what you stand for. Avoid giving away your power to others. You are in control of your actions and emotions. Your strength is in your ability to manage the way you respond to what is happening around you.

3. Persevere in the face of failure.
Don’t mistake temporary defeat with failure. View failure as an opportunity to grow and improve, not a reason to give up. Be willing to keep trying until you get it right. Stay positive especially when you encounter negative people. Elevate them, never bring yourself down. Don’t allow naysayers to ruin the spirit of what you’re accomplishing.

4. A strong inner compass.
When your sense of direction is deeply internalized, you never have to worry about becoming lost. Stay true to your course. Tough times or business difficulties aren’t good reasons to lower the bar. Keep your standards high.

5. Time to Move Your Body.
Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand and should not be considered separate. Like medicine in the treatment of mental illness, exercising and playing sports can enhance your mood and energy, reduce stress, deeper relaxation, improve mental clarity, learning, insight, improve social health and relationships, and build higher self-esteem. It is very important what we read, watch and listen too. So consume healthier habits in all aspects of our everyday life.

Virginia has been a Journalist for 6 years. After working with leading newspapers, she decided to write for various online news platforms so that more and more people could read her pieces. She has been with California Herald for over a year now and claims we are her favorite website.

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