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Philanthropist Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani talks about his orphanage




In this world, to make a difference sometimes all that matters is the will to give back to the society. Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani is one such selfless individual who is doing his bit by devoting his life to help bring up orphaned children. Palan is dealing with all difficulties and hurdles that comes his way to lead to provide for these children.

Palan is a native of Erbil, Kurdistan but he was born and brought up in Germany. After living in Germany for 18 years Palan started the Harman orphanage back in Kurdistan to help children whose parents were affected by war and made it his life goal to help as many children there as he can.

The gentleman’s act has served as an idea to several youths. He shares, “There are people helping me out with the orphanage because like me, even they need children to possess a replacement life which isn’t suffering from war.”

He further adds, “I decided to create a safe place for the children that are affected due to the war.”

Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani not only takes care of these children but also makes sure that they’re provided with the education to lead a purposeful life in the future. Palan believes that there can be nothing worse than a child losing his/her parents. He has put in the constant work to create a safe haven for a lot of children in Kurdistan.

Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani serves as an inspiration to many people and for children he is their saviour in disguise. We definitely need more people like Palan in the world.

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