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People with Chronic pain who are using Cannabis, are likely to use Less Opioids




There was a research of 1100 people, done by the BCCSU and the University of British Columbia. And in that research, they found out that people who use cannabis regularly for chronic pain are likely to use fewer opioids. They choose the 1100 people out of the ones who were likely to go on an opioids overdose. They found out that people were using more cannabis. People quit using opioids and were opting for cannabis.

Cannabis oil for pain management was more effective and less likely to take them on an overdose. Moreover, cannabis was a better option for chronic pain and illness. It worked better than opioids. Even, Dr. M-J Milloy, a research scientist at BCCSU, said in the article that many people are using cannabis to treat their pain, and most of them are using it in place of opioids.

He also shared that there was an increase in death caused by opioids overdose. But the use of cannabis curbs the risk of opioids overdose. Now, many prefer using cannabis, and that has reduced the chances of death by opioids overdose.

The statistics in the paper also said that the people who used cannabis every day had a 50% lesser risk of going into drug overdose than others. Unlike the illicit use of opioids, the use of cannabis is therapeutic. It is used for pain, stress, nausea, mental health, and symptoms of HIV or side effects of HIV antiretroviral therapy, or improving sleep.

People who used opioids also use cannabis regularly as a self-treatment to reduce the use of opioids. Cannabis seems like an answer to the drug-related overdose.

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