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Nidal Rasheed: The go-to source for entrepreneurs, educating people to earn long-term wealth with property investing as a success coach.




The serial entrepreneur and success coach at Silvertail Property Group lays out a few tips to make progress every day.

Today, to enter the entrepreneurial world is no walk in the park. For some, it may even take years to realize what their heart seeks and then make pertinent efforts in making it huge in their areas of interest. There are also some others who since a very early age in life realize what they want and start working to create momentum for themselves. The classic example of such a professional today in the real estate and business world is Nidal Rasheed from Australia, who began his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager and now has transformed into a serial entrepreneur and success coach who finds his happiness and fulfillment in assisting and educating Australians in creating their long-term wealth through smart and robust property investing with his firm Silvertail Property Group.

Nidal Rasheed, as an entrepreneur and success coach, says that he can’t emphasize enough the importance of financial education and also the various risks of not self-funding one’s retirement. Being the owner at Silvertail Property Group, Nidal Rasheed is committed to his aim to guide his clients every step of the way of the property ownership and investment process, utilizing his proprietary system called ‘hello to handover.’ By imparting the right education and knowledge, he empowers his clients to make informed decisions for them to achieve their property investment goals, helping them to buy their first home, and create wealth and passive income through property investment.

As a success coach, Nidal Rasheed has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs succeed in their mission and grow their wealth, and below also lays out a few tips to make progress each day.

  • Have a clear & concise goal: It is essential for aspiring business owners to have a clear and concise goal in mind as to where they wish to reach in their career, says Nidal Rasheed. This helps them know in what direction they need to make efforts.
  • Map out a plan: Nidal Rasheed says that the next step is to map out a plan or strategy that can help people move towards their goals.
  • Find a coach: Nidal Rasheed has helped transform the lives of many as a success coach and wants people to get in touch with mentors and coaches like him, who have achieved the goals one desires to learn from them and get nearer their visions in life.
  • Make 1% improvement every day: Nidal Rasheed emphasizes this point, explaining that people need to make small improvements every day to become their best versions and achieve their wealth goals as they wish.
  • Measure progress: Each day is a learning experience and people must take out the best lessons from life through the same. This helps them make progress each passing day. Nidal Rasheed says that people also need to track and measure their progress along the way and be flexible with their approach.

He is a serial entrepreneur who is also a great family man with three kids. He runs five companies and has made a diverse and sizable investment portfolio with a passive income stream that has allowed him to live a life on his terms. Nidal Rasheed also wants people to understand the importance of self-development, financial education, property investment, entrepreneurship, and creating success every day.

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