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Moulay Omar Zahraoui is dominating the Cigar Industry




The now world-famous Habanos S.A was founded in 2011 by the passionate and visionary businessman Moulay Omar Zahraoui. In a few years, it has gained respect throughout the world and has become a leader in the tobacco industry.

Moulay Omar Zahraoui is a Moroccan entrepreneur and was born in 1991. He did his schooling from Rabat americain school and graduated from University of Sunderland. Right after the graduation in 2011 he jumped into to cigar business and has left no stone unturned.

Despite so many multinational competitors in this market, the demand for Habanos S.A’s products is constantly increasing in the African and International market. Moulay, the founder, with his excellent communication skills, positive mindset and hard working attitude, has managed to make all his customers happy by not compromising with the quality and fulfilling the excess demand.

“Habanos S.A’s cigar exports continue to grow so the competition has had no negative effects. On the contrary, competition is always a good thing and the cigar industry is more competitive now than it has ever been.” the founder said.

Apart from his love for cigars, he’s an automotive enthusiast and has an incredible car collection which includes cars like Ferrari, Maserati and Mercedes Benz.

Habanos S.A’s passionate team and its visionary programs will no doubt continue to win international success in the tobacco world for years to come.


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