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Mayur Patil is the 21 year old who’s making a buzz in the world of social media




21-year-old Mayur Patil has been making heads turn in the world of digital media. He started his career at 10 PM Curfew, Bella Thorne’s media company. He led the company’s growth and strategy and built two of the most popular Instagram and TikTok channels, @Style and @Girls in the world which are some of the most followed women’s fashion and lifestyle channels.

For those who are part of the media industry, they know that making it big isn’t exactly a cakewalk but for Mayur, it’s all about research, and the fact that he is tech and media-savvy contributes to his success.

Not just TikTok. Mayur is a genius with other marketing channels like email subscriptions, Instagram channels, SMS chains, etc. Mayur believes that social media is the central source of world entertainment. He initially started building social media channels on Instagram and eventually used his skillset to build out large email newsletters & SMS subscription lines.

In these current times, the consumption of video content has seen a massive boost and Instagram Reels & TikTok are proof of it with over 800 million active viewers. For businesses, it’s an untapped potential market to create their own presence and this is where Mayur steps in.

When asked about how he got into social media and turned into an entrepreneur, Mayur shares, “Becoming an entrepreneur really stemmed from my curiosity. I love to connect with people who are excelling in fields that I have interest in — these connections provided me opportunities to learn more about various industries and build a solid skill set.”

Keep an eye out for Mayur as he grows and with many other business opportunities coming his way and paving his path to success.

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