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Matthias Nezzar: A Brilliant Sales Specialist and Closer




Matthias Nezzar is a well known business coach and sales specialist who has worked with numerous people and businesses around the world and helped them discover the power of numbers, online advertising and increased market reach. He is also the owner and founder of the incredible Hybrid Coaching Model and Hybrid Partner business. Matthias Nezzar has earned international appreciation and acknowledgement for his new age selling and marketing techniques which are in harmony with the constantly changing dynamics of the business world.

Working at a sports club made Matthias come in touch with his talent of selling. He was doing twice as better than the other trained professionals at the club. Matthias delivered such fantastic results that his selling methods became talk of the town. Eventually, he decided to start a venture and work independently without the chains of employment and extra taxes.

Through a Facebook advertisement, Matthias came in contact with David Michigan , an attraction visibility expert and a conversion sales specialist. Nezzar and Michigan decided to combine their skills and partner together to introduce the Hybrid Coaching Model to the world of teachers, coaches, learners and students. In Nezzar’s words, “The Hybrid Coaching Model stands on two pillars: human and digital.” Under the model, coaches are connected to buyers and students around the world. This lets them teach locally at their regional level and also at an international level. Coaches and teachers are also introduced to a Hybrid customer acquisition strategy which is robust with the latest tools of generating fresh leads and potential clients/customers.

Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan have enabled numerous coaches to earn increased revenue and make their services available to a wider audience and market.

Nezzar and Michigan aim to educate more people and French sports clubs about their sales and support methods. The Hybrid Coaching model and Hybrid Partners business of Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan had a turnover of an extraordinary 1,397,000€ in the year 2020.


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