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Mariia Tsegelnyk reveals plans to open an International Energy Healing School




Certified Energy Healing practitioner and founder of “The Light of Healing,” announces the possibility of an International Energy Healing School to spread the goodness of the message


Mariia Tsegelnyk came across energy healing by fate, after her perseverance and positive mindset let her to the discovery of energy healing while battling a life-threatening disease. Since her discovery, Mariia has helped thousands of people in different parts of the globe to deal with all kinds of life issues. In the pursuit of helping as many people as possible to harness the features and benefits of energy healing and its amazing components, Mariia has revealed in a recent interview that she plans to open an international school to teach energy healing to millions of people worldwide.

I plan on opening an International Energy Healing School one day. As well as I am constantly developing new courses and certifications. Also, I want to lead Spiritual Healing retreats in exotic destinations where people can escape the busy chaotic world to unwind, recharge, heal, transform, and reconnect with their body, mind, and Soul,” said Mariia Tsegelnyk.

Energy healing has come of age and away from the mediocrity that several quarters have associated with the practice. Science, Quantum Physics to be precise, has established that everything in the universe is made is a product of atoms, with atoms made up of subatomic energies, particles of light that vibrate at specific frequencies. Consequently, one can rightly state that humans are Energy Beings that vibrate at a specific frequency. This is the basis of Energy Healing, working with Energy and frequency to create change in a person’s physical body while healing the body and activating the natural healing abilities inherent in every individual. A lot of medical pieces of research have also substantiated the efficacy of Energy Healing, with more hospitals establishing reiki rooms for patients. However, there are only a few institutes that teach the true essence of Energy Healing, which is where Mariia wants to make a difference.

Mariia currently runs “The Light of Healing,” a company that offers Energy Healing and Reiki Certifications and Trainings, Group Classes, Meditations and Hypnosis, Private Energy Healing, Coaching and Hypnosis sessions. She also uses the power of Energy Healing and their Unconscious Mind, to heal patients from illness or any imbalance, activate the innate inner ability to heal themselves, give up unhealthy patterns and habits, lose weight, improve their health, relationship, and finances.

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