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Listen To This: New Songs From C.KHiD, Life After Living Italy to Serbia




C.KHiD sing his new song in concert in Texas

Ever heard of rapper C.KHiD? The rap artist was fairly well-known in the mid to late 2000’s, accruing millions of views on his YouTube Singing one of his new song with thousands of fans music videos. The mastermind behind such tracks as ‘‘Yeah Yeah’’ and “Me,’’ the rapper was a key player in the hip-hop scene back in the day. So what happened? Well, the rapper released album abKw2P sometime in 2017, with little to no press surrounding the project. The album is fully produced and contains a plethora of unique, upbeat songs. However, besides this project, the rapper was relatively silent in terms of his music. Until January of 2019, his social media has remained absent of music news, focusing more on his traveling abroad and personal life. 

That is, until January came around. That’s when the rapper dropped news that he was working on a new song, titled “IYKB”, known colloquially as “If You Knew Better.” On his Instagram, C.KHiD was clearly excited about the impending release, posting a short clip of himself singing along to the song’s hook. A few weeks later, the song was released to Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Nothing had been heard from C.KHiD regarding new music since then, until a few months later. In May, again without any pomp or circumstance, C.KHid uploaded a bonus track to his 2017 release, abKw2P (play here). The track was titled “Las Vegas,” and is once again single material without any press or publicity.

So, is the rapper making a comeback to the music industry? It sure looks like it. While it is a distant possibility that the rapper is simply expanding his already existing discography, releasing a new song by itself could definitely be a sign that the rapper is preparing for a comeback. If so, could he fit into the current rap scene? After all, rap music has changed a lot in the past ten years, back when C.KHiD was at his most relevant. 

rapper C.KHiD, cartoon image

If one listens to his new songs of 2019, it’s pretty easy to see that the rapper is still in the game, and dominating. His two tracks featuring differing styles with differing flows. There’s a definite late 2000’s feel, but it’s more of a retro reimagining of the era, mixed with modern vibes that accentuate the artist’s mastery of current trends. Trap music has never looked as ancient as it does when listening to these new tracks from C.KHiD. 

The rapper traveled abroad in his hiatus, touching across Europe. Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Italy – he checked out them all, and documented his adventures to some degree. Through photographs and footage available, he seemed to be traveling as a visitor, just investigating the nations and their cultures, and truly living in the moment. This can be heard by listening to his new tracks – it’s a sort of wisdom only acquired by the curious. C.KHiD’s new songs are inherently laced with a message of self-evaluation. 

“If you knew better, would you do better?” – “IYKB,” by C.KHiD

Check yourself. C.KHiD is speaking frankly in his new work, and it’s refreshing to hear new music that has real competent bars with a clear message of self-expression and confidence. There’s no insecurity in C.KHiD’s new music – it’s straightforward and bold in its voicing. Listening to his track “Las Vegas,” you’ll not only be listening, you’ll be feeling the confidence that C.KHiD is preaching – you’ll own the casinos, the cities, the world. 

If you’re interested in checking out C.KHiD’s new rap songs and other updates, then look up the artist on social media, and find his new songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and YouTube. 

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