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Kirill Korshikov uniting dancers around the world on his Social Dance TV platform




Lately, the anti-COVID restrictions imposed worldwide have greatly affected many of our habits and routines. That made people search for other ways of relieving stress. That’s why dance quickly gained popularity as one of the best means to relax, to keep in good shape and to get together. The main trouble, of course, is to deal with banned handshakes, physical contact and gatherings, without which social dance seems impossible. Luckily, the dancing community found the way and made fine use of the opportunities provided by Internet, steadily growing into a large online family.

Kirill Korshikov, a social media influencer and creator of the Social Dance TV channel, made his contribution to the fight against COVID-19. Online dancing classes streamed live enjoyed huge popularity due to the participation of world-renowned dancers and were attended by more than 100,000 people. The social dance charity event, organized by Kirill in March 2020, managed to raise substantial funds in order to support COVID relief efforts. Two months later, dance artists from the US, Italy, Russia, France and other countries raised people’s spirits worldwide, participating in the “Social dancing on Quarantine” challenge and dancing bachata, salsa and kizomba. The challenge, attended by dance stars from all over the world, became a success and enjoyed its deserved popularity.

All these events allow the social dance community to feel alive, being able to interact and contribute to the common cause online instead of just passively sitting at home or attending illegal parties. Social Dance TV channel serves as a media platform, offering dancers a chance of performing in front of large online audiences and giving a feeling of unity to the community.

Recently, scientific studies have discovered that even thousands of years ago our ancestors already knew of the health and social benefits of dancing, and made good use of it. Nowadays, despite all the restrictions, people separated by thousands of miles have the opportunity to gather virtually, enjoying the same fiery rhythm and eagerly dancing in unison. All thanks to Social Dance TV.

Kirill Korshikov, as well as millions of dancers from all corners of the globe, yearns for a proper party to amaze the whole world when the pandemic restrictions are lifted. However, in the meantime he constantly improves his SDTV social media platform, adding new content and features to ease the waiting

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