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Kalyan Kedar, A Financer Stealing People’s Heart By His Live Performances And Music Videos




Just imagine a scenario where your name is echoing all over the field or auditorium. There is a long queue of people standing in front of the ticket corner so as to watch your live performance. When you set your foot on the stage the loud cheering and happy faces boost your confidence to another level and you become more enthusiastic to give your best shot!!!

Kalyan Kedar feels the same way and he is fortunate enough to have a lovely audience who loves watching him performing live as well his music video is also spreading like a fire.

Born and brought up in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Kalyan is a very cheerful and spontaneous boy full of energy who is always ready to help others. He likes to take on challenges and complete them with all his heart.

He is a Master in Finance, therefore, he likes investment. He believes that people love live performances and going live is a worthy investment in money and time. Investment is something which is very valuable, whether you are investing in the form of money or time; it should be worth it.

A good person’s degree of dedication, which denotes a person’s devotion to fulfilling achievements and life goals, is the most significant aspect. As a result, loyalty entails complete commitment. If you ask every successful individual why they were successful, the first thing they would say is that they were committed. As a consequence, commitment is the most significant element in finding achievement in life.

The most important thing which motivates him is his dream. Dream to reach the majority of people with his work which he loves the most.

You will overcome any barrier on your path to success if you work hard and stay loyal. Unwavering commitment and determination would finally contribute to the fulfillment of your ambitions and, as a result, peace in your life. As a consequence, the more committed you are, the happier you will be.

He has done a Show in Surinam (5.500 AUD.), Videoclip on tv channels as B4U and Zing, Making own songs, and have worked in International newspapers too.

His dream of life is to discover the world while being a professional singer.

Right now, he is going viral with his own song “Kyun Mere”.

He is also an accountant as well as a strong-willed person who believes that he goes there where everyone stops ( Sassy though!).

His message to the public is to support him to reach his goals, without the public’s love and support nothing is possible.

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