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Israeli Model Naor Yazdan Is Sharing His Expertise in Fitness Through A Customized Online Training Program




Over the last decade or so, the trend of pursuing health and fitness has grown massively. Considering the current global health crisis, people are looking to maintain their fitness levels even more. Having said that, today’s fast-paced life hardly allows one to focus dedicatedly on health and fitness. Moreover, most of the gyms and fitness training centers are more inclined towards a generalized fitness model, which might not be useful for everyone. In this context, Naor Yazdan is bringing about a radical change in the fitness industry through his customized online fitness program.

Naor Yazdan is an Israeli model and fitness enthusiast. His journey in the fitness space started long ago. Naor has been a model for more than 9 years – a profession that demands a certain type of physique. Naor’s interest in fitness roots back to his early days as a model.

Despite trying various fitness regimes and diets, he could hardly find the perfect one for his body. He consulted several fitness experts, but the results did not reflect in the way his body was shaping up. Hence, he decided to understand the human body and the way it works. Naor took up advanced courses and read several fitness-oriented books to decide the mystery of his own fitness.

Today; Naor is one of the most recognized models in Israel. It is fair to say that his dedicated focus on fitness has played a major role in his success as a model. Apart from being a successful model, Naor Yazdan is also a former member of the Israeli Army, a fitness mentor, and a motivator.

‘I am quite successful as a model. While I continue that, I also look forward to motivating people to take up fitness seriously. I want to guide people through their fitness journey. It would be great to contribute towards their well-being’ – Naor Yazdan

Naor Yazdan – Online Fitness Program

Naor is currently helping more than 100K people globally in their journey towards a fitter and healthier life. He has also started an online fitness training program, which is even more relevant today, as the world is under a physical lockdown. Explaining the idea behind his online program, Naor explains,

‘This program is aimed to help those who want to lead a healthier and fitter life. It does not necessarily have to be related to professional fitness. Anyone looking to ramp up their overall fitness, or simply get into shape – I have designed this program for all of them. Also, my training sessions are tailor-made for one’s exact body type. I do not follow a generalized training module.’

Program Details

A customized workout and diet plan personalized as per each individual’s unique body type.

Supplementation plans

Lifetime access to private advice and tips group.

24/7 Whatsapp and email support

A personal dashboard to track progress

Summing Up

First a model, then a fitness expert, and finally a fitness trainer & motivator. Naor Yazdan is making his way up as one of the most influential figures in the industry.

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