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Influencer Patrycia Kayy goes viral for her SWING




When most people hear the word “swinging,” they think of the act of moving back and forth or from side to side while suspended or on an axis. Tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, and even fighting are all sports that embody this definition. For those with more abstract thinking, synonyms like exciting, lively, and fashionable come to mind. Many might associate this idea with having a “swinging” good time or even as a sexual preference.

What most people don’t conceptualize is the idea of all 3 definitions being combined as one but for Patrycia Kayy, swinging is not just a word with multiple definitions, it’s a lifestyle.

The 24-year-old has created an All-American lifestyle as an influencer, who’s former golf skills and sex appeal have led her to be one of the hottest women in the social media circuit. Although many consider her to be a natural at golf, and while she had demonstrated in several videos how to perform the perfect swing on the golf course, it’s Patrycia’s swing off the golf course that has been getting her fame and notoriety from all corners of the World Wide Web.

In a February 2020 feature ran about her in The U.S. Sun, Patrycia Kayy openly revealed how she juggles married life with an open sexual relationship that regularly invites strangers into the martial bed — but doesn’t consider it as cheating. This sparked a huge topic of debate, as the world has become increasingly open and liberal on LGTB relationships and Polygamy. Although swinging is a different lifestyle than the aforementioned, it is always a sensitive subject because it does not follow the guidelines of traditional intimate relationships.

What makes Patrycia’s situation so amazingly unique and all the more controversial and intriguing is she has a huge online presence. Her Instagram following of more than 500,000 serves as the perfect catalyst for her endeavors.

When asked how her husband feels about her lifestyle and how she manages the juggle being married with her thrill for swinging, Patrycia commented,

“We enjoy other people’s company in the bedroom, being watched or watching. Since I’m married I don’t date, but I still accept one night stands.”

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