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How This 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Built A Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce Startup Out of His College Dorm Room




Emiliano Guerrero went from being an everyday college student to co-founding a multi-million dollar startup at just 20 years of age.

Emiliano was born in Boston, Massachusetts into a family of public school teachers. Growing up, he was taught that getting good grades, and going to a good college was the ideal “path” to a good future.

Initially, Emiliano’s plan was to graduate, go to college, and get a well paying job on Wall Street. That was his vision of what being “successful” was at the time. Continuing on his plan to fast track his life, Emiliano was on track to graduate college a year early by 19 years old. He was following everything by the book, stoked, and ready to go into the corporate world of Wall Street!

“But then, I had a revelation over the course of a few months at college. I wasn’t happy with what I was doing; being told what to wear, being told what to do, being told what to think, hell, I wanted to have fun and do something adrenaline pumping! Not just sit in-front of a screen all day just crunching regression analysis on economic spreadsheets.” Emiliano states.

Today, Emiliano has scaled several stores on the Amazon marketplace to six figures in revenue without having to actively see or touch any inventory. Emiliano had found a golden egg.

He is also the co-founder of Scale Online, a fast growing startup located in San Francisco, California that’s building the world’s most efficient eCommerce management system. Through launching and scaling many Amazon stores to six-figures in revenue per month, Emiliano and his business partner realized the demand in others wanting to learn how to duplicate their process, and manage their store’s growth.

“We offer two services: personalized coaching/consulting & direct store management. Through our coaching/consulting service, we directly work with individuals and companies in starting and/or scaling their own Amazon based eCommerce store. Through our store management service, we have our backend team overseas do nearly all the work for our clients, such as product research, order fulfillment, and customer service, making this a hands-off process.” Emiliano points out.

For Emiliano, the biggest challenge when starting a business is getting the business off the ground and continuously growing. Reaching profitability and accomplishing an infinite “runway” is the challenge that most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t get past.

Emiliano believes any product or service out there that one can think of has the potential to be successful in front of the right customers. However, where most companies die is failing to get in front of the right customers consistently.

When asked about defining success, Emiliano states that there is never a time he will settle down, hang up his metaphorical armor, and retire. There’s always some interesting problem out there to solve that he’ll be equipped to help in being a part of the solution.

“Success to me in a personal sense just means ever-solving larger and more interesting problems and doing so at a larger and larger scale. To me there is no such thing as true personal ‘success’.” Recounts Emiliano.

Emiliano thinks of life as a staircase. You build something, and you continuously reinvest into climbing the next stair and building something even bigger.

Currently, Emiliano has his eyes on reinvesting his cash flow into helping other problem solvers through angel investing. This allows him to network with interesting people who are building interesting companies. Plus, he gets to bring value to the table and help those who will have an impact on the world.

For Emiliano, financial freedom is the ability to do what makes you happy without worrying about the costs or time associated with it.

“But for me, my true happiness stems from impact, a combination of freedom and problem solving at scale.” Emiliano explains.

If you want to know more about Emiliano you can also follow him on Instagram.

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