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How San Diego-Based Entrepreneur Colton Bollinger Plans to Propel California’s Economic Recovery Through His Company Jumper Media’s Instagram Growth Services




California has been one of the hardest-hit states from the coronavirus pandemic–and not just in terms of high case numbers. As the fifth biggest economy globally, the LA Times reported that one in every five persons is testing positive, a number that has quintupled since November of 2020. Besides the second round of state-wide shutdowns, California’s economy takes a hard hit – everything from education, commerce, entertainment, and tourism are in flux after taking a nosedive.

In December, Governor Gavin Newsom issued some of the strongest lockdown orders the state has seen since the spring of last year, effectively closing restaurants statewide for take out only and requiring non-essential businesses to shutter up indefinitely. Aimed at slowing the coronavirus’s spread and preserving ICU beds in already over capacity hospitals, local economies across the state are suffering the most significant toll.

As people hunker down again, working from home, the Pfizer vaccine seems to be the only hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, without a blueprint for how to proceed, state representatives are grappling with how to preserve the economic disaster, unlike any they have ever seen.

Colton Bollinger, founder, and CEO of Jumper Media, a thriving Instagram growth agency with headquarters in San Diego, seeks to contribute to California’s economic recovery by inspiring other small businesses to demonstrate California resilience.

If any industry has prevailed during the pandemic, it’s Big Tech with the likes of Instagram and TikTok. From learning TikTok dances, increased utilization of live streaming on platforms to be #bettertogether, and the introduction of reels to Instagram, people are racking up the hours on their phones whose screen time translates to the big bucks for media giants like Facebook and Alphabet.

What has persisted throughout the pandemic is people’s inherent need to connect. With the possibility of meeting others in the real world face-to-face thoroughly cut off, people continue to seek the means to facilitate and cultivate virtual relationships. In the online world, engagement is the name of the game. From views, likes, comments, and shares, growth converts to social and monetary wealth.

For California businesses struggling during the lockdown, Bollinger strives to support both struggling and fledgling businesses via Jumper Media’s Instagram growth services.

According to research by Adobe Analytics, this holiday season, the United States Postal Service was overwhelmed with packages, even delivering packages after the holidays after consumers spent $189 million in e-commerce sales in November and December.

Jumper Media is in the business of directing online traffic to the California businesses they wish to connect with and elevate. Little acts of service and helping one another flourish is not only the formula to mutually beneficial success but will act as a domino effect for California, effectively saving the economy from drowning.

Virginia has been a Journalist for 6 years. After working with leading newspapers, she decided to write for various online news platforms so that more and more people could read her pieces. She has been with California Herald for over a year now and claims we are her favorite website.

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