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How MESA Enterprises is Redefining Marketing and Customer Engagement for Brands Embracing the Future




The world of marketing has been transforming at the speed of light for the past decade or so. We have witnessed widespread growth and changes in the way brands advertise with digital marketing entry!

With the wide use of the internet, brands have diverted their attention to modern marketing methods. They are always on the lookout for new ways of marketing.

Brands are always looking for the X-Factor in their marketing, giving them 10X results with the same input amount.

Today, we discuss one such fantastic concept, which is redefining marketing campaigns for businesses.

MESA Enterprises has revolutionised modern marketing by combining the power of digital marketing with conventional marketing.

The software developed by MESA Enterprises takes engagement to the next level. It allows users to interact with information and messages, including videos and other presentations, at busy places, thereby creating an everlasting impression.

Understand the Concept

Before we talk about the psychology, thought process, and technology behind the idea, let’s understand the concept to comprehend everything else in a better way:

  1. MESA’s software is installed on a computer that is projected onto a screen at a spot that enjoys a decent amount of footfall.
  2. The screen displays ads and creatives in a slideshow. These ads can be in the form of a video to attract people to the physical screen.
  3. When a person enters the screens’ vicinity, the welcome screen is activated along with an introduction to the concept and the steps to follow to engage with the software.
  4. The person then uses their right and left hands to engage and give the software instructions without ever touching the screen.
  5. The person then explores through messages and information provided by the advertiser. The person has access to search options and help menus to enhance their experience. 
  6. The left hand is used to access the Navigation Menu. The person can choose categories and companies as per their interest and particular needs.
  7. After selecting a specific company, the person is directed to a landing page containing additional information, videos, images, surveys, slideshows, and opportunities to repeat connections through QR codes.
  8. The interaction of people is recorded, and the software is powered with advanced data analytic tools that help improve campaigns and increase conversions.

The Importance of Engagement

The biggest differentiator in every marketing campaign is engagement.

The attention span of people has been reducing for the past few decades. Grabbing attention and engaging a prospect is the biggest challenge for every company these days.

Curiosity has been a significant factor in engaging people, and this is what MESA has leveraged. The concept is based on multi-sensory engagement. We are more likely to be engaged and remember when more senses are activated.

The concept of MESA’s software is designed to engage a person with sight, sound, and motion along with curiosity. The freedom of choice provided to people encourages more extended engagement.

The Power of Analytics

Conventional and physical marketing cannot fade out, but it has to be improved. This is what has been accomplished as MESA Enterprises gives the same level of analytics in conventional marketing.

Every customer receives online portal access that displays numerous data points to analyse the campaigns’ results. The best part is real-time data to analyse responses at the same time when prospects engage with your ad and landing page.

Multiple reports and filter options allow you to view data most meaningful to your campaigns. These are most important for A/B tests and continually make ad and landing page changes based on people’s responses.

Why is it getting popular with Ad Agencies?

As an ad agency, your most significant objective is getting conversions. The way with which you get conversions or leads does not matter with Customers.

With neck-throat competition in various avenues of conventional and digital marketing, MESA Enterprises’ software helps agencies deliver results to their customers.

Some Major Benefits

There are many reasons which it is gaining popularity, and here are some of the top ones:

  • Increased Memory and Recall – Every brand wishes to create campaigns that create an everlasting impact and recall. With engagement targeting 3 senses, you can be assured of recall with effective landing pages on MESA’s software
  • Reading through the Data – You don’t need advanced tech skills to read and analyse the data your campaigns are generating
  • Flexibility – The software is completely flexible, and you can customise different parts to suit your needs
  • Health and Safety – This is a big factor of consideration for companies looking to incorporate health guidelines with the no-touch platforms that are both safe and effective!
  • QR codes – You can easily configure QR codes to re-engage the person on their mobile phones along with capturing a lead or completing a sale based on your product or service

MESA Enterprises. Giving Businesses The Edge They Need To Embrace The Future!



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