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How “It Girl” Isabel Jaime became a modern lifestyle icon.




It was a normal morning in Beverly Hills, and as I waited in line for my almond milk latte I witnessed something remarkable. The two young women who were ahead of me in line spoke of a Mexican born top model, Isabel Jaime.

I´m used to overhearing people discussing celebrities, their lives and the qualities that make them irresistible; But this was different, it was organic, powerful.

Back in high school, when one of my friends discovered a new singer or band, they proudly shared the music with everyone; This felt like that. A shining star that has almost half a million followers on Instagram® and whose creativity propelled her to become a hot topic amongst teenage fashion savants who always seem to be unimpressed.

I later found out that “Isa” –as her friends call her- is actually a multi-talented and successful young CEO, accomplished international fashion thought leader and socialite. I was blown away. This twenty-something has singlehandedly built a lifestyle and beauty empire.

Jaime – who was born in Mexico and also has a French lineage –  is known as one of the youngest CEOs in all of Latin America – her precious time studying at the prestigious L’Institut Marangoni in Paris certainly served as a huge stepping stone for her, it provided her with a deeper understanding of the industry and leading fashion trends. Her passion, natural eye and knowledge of the industry have made her an unstoppable force of nature.

Her natural charisma and carefree personality, coupled with her undeniable beauty and an innate understanding of the underlying consumer trends that steer the fashion industry in modern times have served as effective tools as the twenty-something beauty goddess continues her expansion into key international markets.

Isa´s brands – Radstate apparel and J´aime beauty – have experienced a seemingly unstoppable growth curve in the past few months, alongside the centerfold´s official Instagram® profile, which provides dedicated followers with updates from Isa herself on a regular basis.

I guess people like Isa serve as a reminder that when you work hard and follow your dreams, nothing is impossible; And maybe, just maybe, one day people will be talking about you while waiting for their coffee.


Virginia has been a Journalist for 6 years. After working with leading newspapers, she decided to write for various online news platforms so that more and more people could read her pieces. She has been with California Herald for over a year now and claims we are her favorite website.

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