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How Instagram Superstar SlayBae Xoxo Uses Social Media to Help Inspire People




Social Media Influencer Known as SlayBae Xoxo or Slaymates. SlayBae is a 25 year old Spanish-Italian American social media Influencer. She is most known for her presence in the Instagram model community.

SlayBae was born in Santa Monica, California where she spent most of her time drawing, making art, hiking, enjoying nature, relaxing at the beach, cruising the city, riding on the handle bars of bicycles, and hanging out with friends.

SlayBae says that staying active and consistent with a social media presence can help your business grow tremendously! You just have to build a fan base and following to give your followers exactly what they want so they will continue to follow, share, and support you.

Before you begin your social media presence you have to think about what your purpose is. What are your goals and objectives in maintaining a social media presence? What audience are you trying to reach, what do they want to see, who will promote your page, how can you ensure that your followers will stay following?

Figure out what works best for you and stick to it! Check out other influencers or businesses that are in your niche. What are they doing differently than you? Figure out what exactly is making them so successful, customize it and base your plan off of theirs. Once you find a plan that works stick to it and keep on thinking of ways to upgrade it!

Once you have your social media platform up and running you need to showcase your personality. People are following your accounts because they want to get to know more about you! Keep them updated on as much information as possible. Include your following on your lifestyle, daily routines, diets, fun activities, and more!  They want to see how you are just as regular of a human being as they are. Post memes and jokes so they can get to know your humor. Post inspiration quotes and videos so they can know how intuitive you are. Try to be as transparent as possible with your fans so they can feel like they are also on this journey of fame and success with you. Post the raw clips of photoshoots or videos, behind the scenes footage of you being goofy. All of these things can form a connection with your fans.

Communicate with your audience. Be as genuine as possible with your audience. Reply back to comments on photos. Check your Direct messages and reply back to as many as possible. The more you’re interacting with your audience they more you will grow a bond with them and the more they will support you with whatever else it is that you do. If someone has a problem with you or with what you do, you should try your best to help them with a resolution. Doing this shows you care about your audience and you are a good person. You will make them change their mind about who you are or what you do and they will want to support you. They will most likely share the good news with their friends which will return on more followers to help your social media presence.

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