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Himanshu Gaur and Chetan Jangra changing fortunes in advertising industry.




The more we speak about how the young talented minds are-coming at the forefront of different-business industries, the more it feels that much more discussion is needed-around the same. This is because-it is essential for many budding entrepreneurs across industries to know these real stories and try and-understand how with challenges faced everyday, people have written their success stories. Top of the list of these young entrepreneurs in the digital advertising field is Himanshu Gaur and Chetan Jangra who believe that we must always aspire to do our best, no matter what, and continue to refine our skills until we become a perfectionist. They are the founders of well-known advertising agency ‘Social Bird Pvt Ltd’.

Even in the midst of COVID-19, in an environment where many have lost jobs due to the pandemic, ‘Social Bird Pvt Ltd’ has become one of the few successful advertisement companies that have helped people build businesses. Their unique and state-of-the-art advertising and consulting services have allowed them to stand apart from those in the industry. Under the leadership of Himanshu Gaur and other trustworthy partners, this advertising agency has been growing every day to provide not only the best advertising services but also smart advisory services to international customers as well as how to expand in the Indian markets. It’s all about the collective effort that makes you succeed, believes Himanshu. He says, “Before anyone else, your team needs to believe that you can do big things and If it wasn’t for the team, I wouldn’t be here where I am today.”

Himanshu and his partner Chetan were 8th-grade friends, and they had already known from then on that they could do bigger and better things in life if they both teamed up. They are an inspiration to the young generation, who strive to follow their passion in the business world.

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