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Here’s why Luca Diddi, the owner of Italy’s one of the 3 most important social media pages didn’t give up




Florence based digital entrepreneur Luca Diddi wasn’t born with a silver spoon and worked hard to be at the current phase of success he’s at and has been working really hard to go a step forward every single day.

In a recent interview he was asked about giving up and here’s what he said.

“You never give up on your dreams. You always work to make them real and if you’re failing at again time and again, sit back look at the changes you can make and start working again.”

“I too had many down falls but the though of giving up never crossed me as I believed in them and knew I could do it and I had set my goals I had to achieve in a certain frame of time to explore the new chapter and I did and these small steps helped me alot”

Well, its true Dreams don’t work unless you do for yourself and his constant perseverance has given a result of millions of followers and Luca’s page is currently one of the three most important social pages in Italy.

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