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Here’s how digital disruptor Sebastian Duarte Griego redefines social media management




In the last decade, the need for the internet has boomed in a way that it has now become a basic necessity in every household across the globe. The use of social media is seeing an upward trend that is not going down anytime soon. With this, industries and people have become more conscious about their social image and end up hiring media experts with knowledge and experience related to multimedia production.

Sebastian Duarte Griego is one such name in the digital marketing business who has carved a niche for himself basis his excellent body of work. This young mind started by experimenting on his social media handle with content and management techniques that went ahead to grab immense eyeballs. This pattern helped his social media shoot up within a short span and that’s what pushed him to begin a career in digital marketing.

Sebastian mixed his entrepreneurial skills along with digital knowledge and began to handle various social media accounts. He also joined hands with California based digital marketing firms to further make people grow higher on the platform by boosting their Instagram profiles. Slowly and gradually, Sebastian kept on trying his hands on various methods and also invested his time in studying the digital dynamics that resulted in a massive turnaround on his clients’ accounts. He always made sure to go the extra mile in making his campaigns unique and out of the box that automatically hooked the followers and how.

As time passed, Sebastian understood the fact that social media sites are constantly changing their algorithms to personalize what users see in their feeds. He then opted for an e-commerce facility by using Facebook advert to generate traffic on websites. This leap of faith helped Sebastian touch new heights and pave his way to success.

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