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Here is What you Need to Know about Being a Game or App Tester Before you Enter This Field




Choosing a career is one of the most challenging decisions in life. Whether you are coming out of college into your first role or wanting to change careers later in life, it is a vital decision to get right. It can often pay to look at what you enjoy, what skills you have, and also what sectors are promising to enter. With this in mind, both gaming and mobile apps are sectors that are off the hook right now.

Gaming, for example, made around $120bn in revenue during 2019, and it enjoys mainstream success around the globe. While video games make up a large part of this revenue, the rise of online casino games has also helped. That is likely to increase in the future now that more and more US states have legalized online casino play.

Even states like Texas, which have not legalized online casino gaming yet, allow social casinos to operate within their borders. For a roundup of the online casino Texas sites that are legal to use, check out the BonusSeeker website. It also carries handy details of the online casinos and social casinos you can enjoy in other US states.

Next to gaming, mobile apps are also a robust sector due to the number of people who own mobile devices globally. Mobile apps generated over $460bn in 2019, which is just staggering. If you enjoy using apps, playing casino games, or checking out video games, one career you should think about is testing.

What do game and app testers do?

If you plan to move into this field as a job, it is necessary to know precisely what working as a game or app tester involves. As the name suggests, the overall aim is to test out new games or apps. Testers normally get a BETA version of the new game or app to try out. They are required to access every facet and check it works – no matter how big or small! Testers will be looking for glitches and errors and reporting back on how user-friendly the product is, how well the design works, how the user interface works, and more.

Game and app testers also need to record their thoughts while using any new product accurately. These notes are then passed back to the design team, who look through them and make any changes they feel are needed. Once any changes are made, the revised BETA product is usually sent back to the same tester to try out again.

Why is this career path a popular choice?

There are many careers in gaming and mobile apps that you could follow. Lots of video game marketing companies are popping up now, and you could opt for this. When it comes to testing as a job, there are a few excellent reasons why so many people choose it.

We have already mentioned how the gaming and mobile app sectors have grown in recent years. Both now enjoy mainstream success, which is not likely to end as consoles, smartphones, and online casino sites continue to flourish. This offers great job security to people who work in the industry. The success that gaming and mobile apps enjoy means that new casino games, apps, and video games are continually being developed. This flood of new products needs testing, so a regular flow of work is available for testers.

Do something you love for decent pay

Next to job security, doing something you love for work is crucial for many individuals. If you are into gaming and/or apps in your personal life, working as a tester allows you to indulge your passion – while getting paid for it. You will have a career doing something you enjoy and feel happy going into work each day.

While this side of any career is important, you cannot ignore money altogether. We all like to lead pleasant lives and have enough to not only survive but also go on holidays and treat ourselves. The good news is that game and app testers get paid around $29,000 per year on average in the USA. While this is not sky-high, it is pretty good when you think it lets you do something you love.

Why not try out something different for your job?

We all like different things and enjoy different ways of working. If you do not fancy slaving away in a 9 to 5 office job or a physically challenging manual job, why not think of testing out games or apps? If you have a passion for them and want to work in a thriving industry with bright prospects, it is worth considering.

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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