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Harrison Baum is Leaving His Footprint on the Cannabis Culture with Daily High Club




Harrison Baum has turned his love of cannabis into a thriving business, which will serve as a hub for the community for many years to come. From the first time he smoked after high school, he fell in love, and now has given all fellow enthusiasts the gift of his online headshop and subscription service, Daily High Club. Subscription services have been extremely popular for many products in recent years, and Baum has capitalized on this popular movement by making a similar service for fellow smokers to enjoy for many years to come.

Baum created Daily High Club as an online headshop with a wide range of inventory, from bongs, pipes, dab rigs, vaporizers, it is a smokers dream come true. Every piece is customized and with an elaborate design, exotic colors, and creative concept. Even though some of their products are available at headshops, there is a much wider selection at the online store. From rasta bongs, to glow in the dark bongs, to Micro dab rigs, you cannot go wrong inducing yourself in one of these pieces. The aesthetic appeal is one of a kind, and the high is even better. Instead of smoking cannabis in joint form, you can get a much better high with less cannabis when you use one of these pieces. This saves the consumer money since top grade cannabis is fairly expensive, and you can get a much stronger and enjoyable high than taking small hits of a joint. Dab rigs have also gained popularity over the years, and you can get exquisite and unique rigs at Daily High Club. The wide variety will have you looking forward to your next session every time, and all your friends will want a hit once they see these amazing pieces. Baum’s product has gained so much popularity that he even sponsored and provided glass for some of Snoop Dogg’s events. Snoop Dog is not the only celebrity to take notice of Baum’s amazing creation, as many others have also been in collaboration with Daily High Club.

From YouTube sensation Koala Puffs, to celebrities like B Real and Chanel West Coast, to making promotional videos with Waka Flaka, Baum’s gift to the cannabis community is catching on quickly with mainstream pop culture. Baum has also taken an activist role in his work with Mission Green, as this had led to former President Barack Obama pardoning Weldon Angelos, Angelos was incarcerated for a small amount of cannabis possession. Baum also did a custom piece for Angelos to perpetuate the movement.

Daily High Club also has a subscription service which features a package of five to seven items, all custom designed based on the month. Halloween is the most popular time of year, so make sure to subscribe for amazing designs and custom pieces. The quality is always top notch, as Baum’s partner has been blowing glass for over ten years, and Daily High Club has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Competitors have lower ratings, and charge thirty three percent more than Daily High Club, with a smaller package. If you are tired of the same repetitive smoking routine and want to add some flare and a better high, make sure to check out Baum’s website at

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