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Hariprasad K CEO Livelong Wealth mentions there is no secret of picking the right stocks to trade




Hariprasad K, CEO of Livelong Wealth mentions that people have always been worried about picking that one fine stock which is going to give a very strong move and they end up having a big watchlist that makes it not possible for them to track the individual stocks from time to time.

He personally feels that it is much better to have a favorite watchlist that is very much comfortable to the individual and he refers stocks to behave like his friends whose behavior is familiar to you and based upon which you have the confidence to enter and exit positions.

When it comes to deciding on whether or whether not to go for any entry, I primarily check into these 3 factors the price action, volume as well as the overall market sentiment. Now once I realize that the factors are staying in favor of my view and as long as my risk to reward is great, I would consider taking the position. Now in case, either of these factors doesn’t match, I would wait for the criteria to be fulfilled before the entry.

Now since the trades are only based on good r: R , even If am right just half of the times, it is perfectly fine for me. There could be days when I get no trade at all, but I make sure that the days I get a trade, it is totally worth it and that has made all the difference as far as I am concerned

Now another important thing is that, we chat is our community about various high probable setups that one can actually watch out for where the senior members trade it in real-time markets while the freshers try simulating on our power trader platform which has paper trading functionality along with the copy trading part. Now you could then get started with a small position size to get a feel of how markets work in real-time and then gradually scale.

The firm has released an Algo trading interface as well as a paper trading platform so that puts that were earlier available only for those with the bigger capital size is now directly available to everyone with an interest and a basic understanding of the logic-based upon which the stock markets work.

With entrepreneurs such as Hariprasad K making the world of stock trading and investing simpler, it is definitely sure that more and more people can make use of the ready to use technology that is available with ease for the public. They too have a good social media following for the content they upload regarding the stock markets.

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