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Gerry Sanchez on Developing Business Ideas and Maximising Their Potential




There is not a better time to become an entrepreneur than now. The world is full of opportunities, and it is clear that the future will be of new and complex ideas and businesses. 

Yet, people find it hard to start new ventures and leverage the resources that they currently have. This is where Gerry Sanchez comes into the picture. He started his businesses and scaled it to success over the course of a decade. 

He has achieved tremendous success in his ventures, and this has inspired him to teach others his tips and tricks for becoming a notable entrepreneur and successful businessman.

In this article, we share the blueprint that Garry Sanchez advises his students to follow to build robust businesses. 

These are the steps to developing your business Idea –  

  1. Identify Market Trends and New Opportunities

The first and the most crucial step to developing your business idea is to identify current market trends and opportunities. Gerry Sanchez believes that, at any given point in time, there are many industries full of opportunities, all of which are underutilized. 

Humans tend to follow conventional businesses, which leads to excessive competition, and thus the closing of the previously open opportunity. Start by searching areas which have a demand and supply problem, and this is where you have to fill in the current void.

Some examples of current opportunities include social media agencies, IT consultancy, online teaching, etc. 

  1. Undertake Extensive Competitive Analysis

Next step is to do extensive competitor analysis so you can learn from the mistakes of your competitors, and you won’t have to “reinvent the wheel.” 

You will get an idea of the current opportunities by observing the current market leaders and identifying the areas they are approaching improperly. That’s where you could enter the business, through a properly designed product or service. 

  1. Conduct Economic Viability Tests

Plan your expenses, and include every single thing that comes to your mind. The cost of production, marketing, advertising, operations, shipping and any other costs attached. 

You must create projections so you can control expenses and increase profits. All of your goals should be quantifiable, and they should be tracked at regular intervals. 

  1. Execute a Market Survey

Validating your business idea is one of the most crucial steps to success. You will naturally be biased and you will have subjective views for your business idea because of emotional attachment. 

Executing an extensive market survey will help you to ascertain demand and initial reactions of prospects. 

  1. Develop Business Strategies and Model

Planning is the key to success and building your strategies. So, in the beginning, it will significantly increase your chances of success. 

Make sure to have a clear mission, vision, short- and long-term goals along with quantifiable measures and timelines. This will help you track progress and make changes for improvements. 

  1. Start Your Business and Consider Feedback

Take feedback and make improvements quickly right after launching your product and entering the market. 

This will form a culture of trust and communication inside your company. And it will help you to quickly identify problems so you can correct fast and keep growing your company. 

Steps to maximum business potential 

When you have your business idea in hand, it’s time to focus on maximizing your business potential. Here is the blueprint by Gerry Sanchez that can help you achieve high potential in your business. 

  1. Make Short-term and Long-term Goals

Having short- and long-term goals will help you track progress. There are thousands of tasks to take care of in the early stages of launching a business. And with limited time, prioritizing is the way to scaling. 

Working on short-term goals will help you allocate more time, effort and resources to the things that will bring in revenue fast. Whereas pursuing long-term goals will help you grow your brand and establish your business as a solution in the industry.

Both are needed, so be sure to have them. 

  1. Leverage Social Media and Digital Marketing

Social media and digital marketing is what differentiates a successful business from a conventional business. 

There are tremendous opportunities on social media platforms for all business niches and industries, and with the right approach, the sky’s the limit for business growth. 

  1. Build a Network and Utilize Connections

Building a professional network will open new channels and opportunities for your business. 

The best form of marketing is “word of mouth” marketing, and it can be scaled only with a network. In the digital age, you can make a network with social media, email list, blog subscribers and many other ways. 

Use traditional networking but also don’t forget to use the power of the many digital tools available for you. 

  1. Learn From Mistakes

You will make mistakes, that’s a fact. And this is where your inner entrepreneur will come into play. Don’t spend too much time feeling sorry for yourself. Just learn from your mistakes, they are part of the journey and they are actually a great teacher. 

  1. Take Calculated Risks

Taking risks is the foundation of business, but there is a difference between calculated and uncalculated risk. 

Taking small, calculated risks is key to growing your business and acquiring experience in the process. That’s how you learn about opportunities that are worth taking, and those that are not. 

  1. Customer Service

Make sure to spend a considerable amount of time improving and optimizing your customer service and experience. You will receive the most amount of business and ROI from repeat customers, and the secret to increasing repeat customers lies in your customer service. 

This is a never-ending process that will result in a strong, trustworthy brand that constantly attracts new customers.

Virginia has been a Journalist for 6 years. After working with leading newspapers, she decided to write for various online news platforms so that more and more people could read her pieces. She has been with California Herald for over a year now and claims we are her favorite website.

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