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From Driving For Uber & Bussing Tables To Running A Successful 6-Figure Agency, Here’s Andy Jang.




Like most entrepreneurs starting their business ventures with ambitious goals, Andy worked multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Before relocating to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, he was a full-time Uber driver during the weekdays and worked on his agency at nights and weekends. When he decided to move out to Las Vegas, he got a job as a busser at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Chinatown. His job offer was supposed to be a waiter that averaged $4,000 a month but unfortunately ended up starting as a busser. When he found out his paycheck was averaging $1,600 a month working full-time, he was miserable and burned out.

“I was working late night shifts, had no credit cards, couldn’t drive for Uber in the beginning since my Uber account took a while to transfer from California, and the pain of being broke while working my butt off really pushed me to work harder on my business because I knew this was not sustainable. I knew that I had to escape this rat race and the only way to make more money was to grow my agency,” says Andy.

For many entrepreneurs, it starts out with a passion for their product or service but for Andy, it was the pain of living paycheck-to-paycheck and being miserable during the day-to-day life.

“I hated my life and my job. I was miserable, unhappy, broke up with the love of my life, and sometimes wondered if I’m even cut out to start a business to achieve financial freedom,” he says.

Everything started to change for Andy when he started his company Injury Leads during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. Andy decided to rebrand his former company Eclektic Marketing into Injury Leads by working exclusively with personal injury attorneys to provide qualified leads. Later that year, his company quickly grew to 6-figures just within a few months by focusing on one simplified service: lead generation.

Today, Andy now works with small & big law firms in over 15 states nationwide and is on track for 7-figures by the end of 2021. He credits his success to having the right vision, a relentless work ethic, and never giving up. According to his company’s website, they focus on digital marketing services using cool technology such as SMS phone number verification, a tool often used by banking apps & tech companies. He also runs, a website that offers PR services as well as social media marketing services for Instagram growth promotions.

You can follow his journey on his Instagram @theandyjang or visit his website at



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