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Founder of THRV Digital, Steven Correa, attributes success to “hunger for creation and innovation”




FIU graduate and founder of THRV Digital, a creative agency, Steven Correa, describes the motivation of the company as the hunger to create and innovate

Steven Correa founded THRV in 2017 as a creative agency to meet the diverse needs of businesses by helping to bring their vision to reality and ensure that they leverage the immense features and benefits that the digital world has in stock. Since the launch of the business, Steven and his diverse team of talented professionals at THRV Digital have increased in popularity and acceptance, a feat the passionate entrepreneur attributes to their hunger for creation and innovation.

Our clients’ and partners’ successes are the team’s motivation. We all share a common hunger for creation and innovation,” said Steven Correa, founder of THRV Digital. “At THRV digital we value being different and we believe in manifesting this mantra in everything we produce. We shift our client’s focus and identify their weaknesses and challenges to address them head-on. In doing so, we generate a blueprint that will kindle the flourishing of their business—something that is witnessed by not only us but their customers too,” continued Steven.

Having an agency that understands the needs of businesses and deliver solutions to meet these needs can be extremely challenging. Considering the number of agencies that supposedly deliver digital solutions for businesses, it can be even more difficult for businesses to identify the most suitable solution. However, one brand seems to have mastered the art of over delivering on their claims. THRV is the disruptive creative agency revolutionizing the software development industry.

Founded by a computer engineering graduate of the Florida International University, THRV Digital has carved a niche in the industry for bringing complex visions to a simple reality. Combining strategy, technology, and design to solve any business challenge that inhibits it from existing, the company ensures that every business THRIVES regardless of the competitiveness of the industry.

THRV has a team of professional with the requisite experience and knowledge to provide multiple services including app development, visual and media productions, graphic design, digital marketing, consulting, web design, and platform creation.

The unique combination of quality, affordability, and professionalism has helped THRV to achieve a great of deal of success in a relatively short while, with the “clients’ happiness and success being the fruit of the company’s labor.”

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