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Fearless Stuntman, Bryan McCoy, Shares Some Valuable Tips for Beginner Stuntmen




Being a stuntman is a task full of actions, fearlessness, adventures, and risky steps. Bryan McCoy is a young stuntman who is a pro in performing exceptional stunts in Hollywood movies. He is a small-town country boy who was brought up on a ranch in Grants, New Mexico.

Born in a family with a car racing background, he developed a strong passion to pursue his career in Hollywood as a stuntman. Both of his grandparents were skilled car racers and it inspired him to love car racing a lot. He has shared a few tips for beginner stuntmen to excel in their careers.

Be Passionate

Bryan McCoy would watch action Hollywood movies while being a kid and it made him pursue his career as a stuntman. He asks beginner stuntmen to be passionate about performing risky stunts. He advises them to watch good action movies to learn from them.

Maintain Health & Fitness

According to the seasoned stuntman, it is imperative to train a body like a beast. Only then, it is possible for a stuntman to perform risky actions with ease. Bryan McCoy considers fitness as the important entity to excel as a pro stuntman in today’s competitive world.

Focus on Intense Hardwork

Bryan McCoy says that a stuntman needs to pursue his career by doing intense hard work. He himself did a lot of hard work to establish himself as a pro stuntman. Bryan McCoy would go from Albuquerque to Grants, and from Albuquerque to Los Angeles at 19 to become a Hollywood stuntman.

He obtained his SAG card in four years by utilizing his opportunities in small gigs. Today, he offers training to others at Real McCoy Stunts (RMS) and at the Motion Picture Driving Clinic.

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