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Fantasy7: Changing the game of the NFT marketplace is a growing NFT collection.




Each piece of art is original and created by a team of artists with over two decades of experience between them.

It is wondrous to learn about all those industries and fields that thrive on the resilience, creative ideas, astute business acumen, and passion of certain professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. The NFT marketplace has also been thriving because of such passionate professionals and a team of intelligent experts and creatives who ensure to bring about a wave of good change in the industry and inspire people to be a part of the world of NFTs. “Fantasy7” has been doing exactly that, and hence with 7,777 unique anime characters inspired by one of the most popular games in history has managed to stand unique in the industry. Each piece of art stands original and has been curated by a robust team of artists having more than two decades of experience between them.

Why number 7, you wonder? The team explains the significance of the same by highlighting that seven is the number of completeness and perfection, which is the association they wish to deliver through their collection. The number 7 is far more present in the current world than most individuals are aware of, like 7 wonders of the world, 7 oceans, 7 continents, 7 vertebrae in the neck, the creation of the earth in 7 days, and the list goes on. Hence, now the number 7 will lead into the metaverse as it was always destined to.

On the topic of the metaverse, the team says they will create an incredible opportunity where people can earn an income, play games with their friends, invest in virtual real estate, and so much more with an outstanding VR and metaverse experience. People can extract value from their virtual universe and connect with people like never before from all around the world. One of the most exciting parts of their drop is bringing the community together in 2022 at a unique location that will enthuse people and give the brand enchanting exposure. Their unique destination in Bali and its remote location will see them hosting their meetup and displaying their physical artwork to further promote the execution.

The team also intends to drop 7 one-of-one NFTs in the Original7 collection that will have special rewards attached to them, placing a certain number in between the presale and public sale where the luckiest minter will be entitled to a cash prize and a digital gift in the metaverse of Fantasy7.

Ale Barbosa is a senior environment artist with 17 years of experience of working with prominent people in the VFX industry, also in the advertising of movies. He brings high-level experience, turning their ideas into reality. On the other hand, Felipe Rui owns a tech company for five years based on a blockchain platform. His extensive experience in the architecture industry invoking the creation and design of infrastructure and buildings has translated into a 3D experience that can also be utilized in the creation of a detailed metaverse.

Fantasy7 designs have taken months to ensure a collection that sets itself apart and rises as a unique collection in the market.

Do find out more through the website,, and follow it on Instagram @fantasy7nft.

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